Oradea Cargo Terminal

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Oradea Cargo Terminal

CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal is the first industrial park with air cargo terminal in Romania. This unique project is located in the western part of Romania, benefiting of direct connection with Oradea Airport and Eurobusiness II industrial center, but also with large neighbouring cities such as Timisoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Debrecen, Budapest. The Airport Cargo Terminal will ensure both the storage and the possibility of transporting goods by air with Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, but also road transport. In order to ensure a high flow of air transport, CTP Romania designed a complex project made of three buildings dedicated to warehouses and cargo services. CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal can accommodate tenants from various sectors, both with air cargo activities, but also production and logistics, or mixed use, offering flexible spaces with surfaces starting from 1,500 sqm.

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  • 14.39 ha

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  • 65,232 m²

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Aurel  Cirstea

Aurel Cirstea

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Regional Benefits

Romania's First Industrial Park with Air Cargo Facilities

CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal stands as a pioneering project in Romania, combining industrial excellence with a dedicated air cargo terminal. Situated in the western part of the country, the park enjoys seamless connectivity to Oradea Airport and the Euro Business II industrial center, as well as convenient access to major neighboring cities like Timisoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Debrecen, and Budapest. The Air Cargo Terminal offers strategic advantages, providing both storage capabilities and efficient air transportation services, accommodating Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, along with seamless road transport options. In line with its vision for extensive air transport operations, CTP Romania has designed a comprehensive project featuring three buildings, tailor-made for warehouses and cargo services. CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal offers an array of flexible spaces, suitable for tenants across diverse sectors. Businesses engaged in air cargo activities, production, logistics, or mixed-use ventures can find their ideal fit within the park's offerings. The flexible spaces start from a minimum area of 1,000 sqm in the CTFlex building, providing adaptable solutions to meet various operational requirements. Experience the cutting-edge fusion of industrial innovation and air cargo efficiency at CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal – a game-changer in Romania's industrial landscape.

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Connecting Businesses

With its strategic location, CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal enjoys direct connections to large neighboring cities, including Timisoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Debrecen, and Budapest. This proximity allows businesses to tap into a vast market, facilitating smoother distribution of goods and faster access to regional and international customers. The Cargo Terminal boasts comprehensive capabilities, enabling storage and transportation of goods by air. This versatility extends to road transport options, ensuring seamless integration with existing logistics networks.

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Building Available Space Status Type
C 20,916 m² built CTSpace See details
B 1,698 m² built CTFlex See details
A 697 m² built CTSpace See details

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Aurel  Cirstea

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CTPark Oradea North

Located in the North industrial area of the city, on Calea Borşului, 4 km away from the city center of Oradea and 9 kilometers from the border with Hungary. The park, is located on a platform of 50,000 square meters. Oradea’s geographical position is just a few hours away from Vienna and Budapest so it has facilitated the international exchange of goods throughout history. Oradea permanently occupies top positions in attracting European funds and regarding the number of development projects it carries out. The integrated approach of development and the emphasis on its sustainable component has led to important transformations of the city. They represent a strong argument for investment and for choosing a city in which you live at high standards.

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CTPark Salonta

CTPark Salonta is located near Hungarian border and in the middle of the road from the city of Arad and Oradea.

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Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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