Flexible, city-centre business parks

We specialise in transforming city-centre brownfield sites into 21st century business parks with the flexible space you need for success. It all started in Brno—the Czech Republic’s second-largest city and one of Europe’s emerging hotspots for the IT, high-tech and knowledge-based industries. Since the early 2000s, we’ve been working closely with the local government and the city’s numerous universities to help put Brno on the global map as major IT and high-tech hub. Our Brno office campuses are vibrant focal points for the city’s bustling international business community, where you will find a dynamic mix of companies and a rich offer of on-site amenities—with restaurants, cafés, public spaces, and a naturally landscaped campus environment. Our state-of-the-art offices are rated highly for energy efficiency and offer you the maximum flexibility to customise your space, with the ability to grow both vertically and horizontally, regardless of your size requirements. For those looking for smaller or temporary office or meeting space, we offer our modern ClubCo co-working hub in Brno and in Prague.


CTP’s flagship business park is Brno’s landmark business address. Spielberk offers 90,000 sqm of premium office space with three property types—including the first BREEAM-certified Outstanding building outside of the UK— and features high energy efficiency and flexible floor plans that support both vertical and horizontal expansion. Spielberk’s publicly accessible central lake and naturally landscaped gardens, its ease of connectivity adjacent to the historic city centre, and the wide range of on-site amenities—including a 201-room, four-star Courtyard by Marriot hotel—have made it an integral part of modern Brno. Over 50 international and leading domestic companies operate at Spielberk, employing in total over 4,500 people. 

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Dynamic Business Community

Spielberk is a diverse and vibrant business community offering modern companies a prestigious address in central Brno.

Everything on-site

Spielberk’s on-site services and amenities, including restaurants, cafés, retail showrooms, kiosks, a fitness centre and day-care, help make work more convenient and enjoyable—and make Spielberk a part of city life.

City-centre Convenience

Located just minutes away from the historic centre of Brno, Spielberk offers easy access by foot, bicycle, car, or public transport. With 1,400 parking spaces on-site and a short 15-minute drive to Brno's newly expanded international airport, connectivity is seamless.


Vlněna is breathing new life into a historic Brno landmark, connecting the city’s rich industrial past with its modern high-tech and knowledge-based economy. The bustling city-centre office, retail and lifestyle park — which takes its name from the former sprawling 19th century textile factory that once stood at the site—offers up to 120,000 sqm of premium office space in multiple building types, all constructed to high BREEAM energy efficiency standards. Since its launch in 2018, Vlněna has grown rapidly to become a focal point of Brno’s booming IT sector, with companies like Oracle and Avast among the first tenants. In 2022 we launched our ClubCo co-working space at Vlněna, which has proven successful among Brno’s large community of creative professionals. We are currently building one of Europe’s most advanced office buildings, equipped with next-generation energy management system technologies. The rooftop will feature Europe’s first drone helipad for tenant deliveries. The building is scheduled for completion in 2024, bringing Vlněna’s total gross lettable area to 80,000 sqm. 

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Convenient Location

Benefit from Vlněna's prime location around the corner from Brno's main train and bus stations. Multiple bus and tram stops service the site, ensuring optimal convenience for commuting and transportation.

Amenities & Services

Enjoy a superior quality of office park services at Vlněna, with a wealth of on-site amenities, landscaped green spaces, and location in close proximity to Brno's Vaňkovka Shopping Mall and the city centre. Experience a seamless blend of work and leisure, maximising your professional and personal life.

Potential to Grow

As Brno's largest office park, the possibilities for expansion are nearly limitless. With its ample space and the buildings' unrivalled flexibility, Vlněna provides the perfect environment for your business to thrive.


Ponāvka has transformed former 19th-century brownfield site in downtown Brno into a diverse business community. Combining A-class offices with our unique CTBox industrial property solution designed for smaller-scale logistics and light manufacturing, Ponāvka offers diverse space with an eclectic mix of companies and activities and also features our Domeq residential buildings for students and young professionalsWith a thoughtful preservation of heritage buildings, Ponāvka celebrates the site’s rich history while embracing contemporary development, creating a vibrant and inclusive community for residents and businesses alike. In 2022 we launched construction of a technologically advanced office building offering 25,000 sqm of office space and ground-floor amenities, with smart-building solutions like autonomous lighting systemssophisticated grey water and rainwater management systems, and a rooftop photovoltaic plant for on-site solar power generation. With its highly aesthetic glass-encased design, the new building unites the park as a new city landmark.

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A Touch of Nature

Ponāvka is named after the Ponāvka Stream, which meanders its way through the site and brings a touch of nature to the city. Spacious, landscaped grounds planted with hundreds of native trees create a serene and spacious campus-like setting within the city centre.

Eclectic and Convenient Spaces

Ponāvka offers a diverse range of property types, onsite amenities, and student-friendly accommodations, making it an ideal choice for innovative and open-minded businesses.

Flexible Growth Opportunities

With adaptable floor plans and a commitment to customisation, Ponāvka give you the freedom to tailor your workspace to meet your unique business requirements, fostering a forward-thinking and scalable environment.

IQ Ostrava

In 2012 we expanded on your successes in Brno with IQ Ostravaone of the Czech Republic’s most technologically advanced constructions. The 24,000 sqm two-building office complex in Ostrava—the country’s third-largest city and a high-tech and engineering powerhouse—holds an impressive BREEAM Excellent rating for energy efficiency. IQ Ostrava serves as the regional headquarters for anchor tenant Tieto, an advanced technology solutions provider. Its city-centre location and ease of connectivity make it ideal for technology and knowledge-based businesses seeking the benefits of Ostrava’s educated and technically skilled workforce. 

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Sustainable and Interactive Environment

IQ Ostrava, a BREEAM Excellent rated building, offers exceptional energy efficiency. The landscaped park includes a public interactive pedestrian underpass, enhancing connectivity and the vibrant work experience.

Strategic Location for Business Activities

Enjoy the benefits of IQ Ostrava's strategic location near the city centre, with multiple mass transit connections and easy access to Ostrava's nearby international airport.

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