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Connecting both Western and Eastern Europe, investors enjoy low corporate tax rates and very modern, efficient public administration systems. It’s workforce is highly skilled and well educated, with several top ranking universities that optimise both business and science together. This makes it a hotspot for innovation and R&D, particularly for automotive and chemical industries. Compared to other German speaking countries, its workforce is priced more efficiently, while also being a top performer in terms of labor productivity per employee in the EU. The country is extremely well connected with modern transportation infrastructure via road, rail, inland waterway and air ensure good logistics.


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As the cultural, economic, and political center of Austria, Vienna has been a leading business and technology hub in Europe for decades. Geographically located in the east of Austria, close to the Slovakian, Czech, and Hungarian borders, the city has a great advantage when it comes to connectivity and access to the CEE markets.   Not only is Vienna nestled in the “heart” of Europe, but it is also considered the economic heart of Austria with over 200 multinational corporation headquarters calling this city home. Because of its strong economy, the city attracts foreign enterprises from vastly different sectors. The economy owes its strength to high productivity and a qualified workforce in combination with low wage costs per unit of output. Most impressively, the city has ranked at the very top of the Mercer Quality of Living Ranking for 10 years in a row, sealing its enviable title as the world’s best city to live in.   As of 2018, Vienna leads the Austrian regions with the highest GDP (€96.4 billion), amounting to 25% of the national total. It is also the region with the most employees in the entire country. In 2019, 962,300 people (roughly 21.18% of the national active population) were employed in Vienna with 85% working in the tertiary sector and 15% in the industrial sector, and a little over 50% of the population aged 30-34 had a tertiary education. With a centralized location, excellent infrastructure, a strong economy, and a high quality of life, Austria’s capital is a prime place for all forms of business development.   Austria’s capital holds about a quarter of the country's GDP and attracts around three quarters of its investment, making it the economic power hub of the country. Seated at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, Vienna has the biggest freight airport of Austria, and the starting point of several motorways that connect with Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and the western states of Austria.

CTP ICon Baden

Am Lorenzteich 1b, Baden, Austria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
BAD1 Details 22,000 m² 0 m² Planned
BAD2 Details 13,000 m² 0 m² Planned

CTP ICon Kittsee

Inter-city Park, Kittsee, Austria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
KIT1 Details 40,470 m² 40,470 m² Planned
KIT2 Details 25,800 m² 25,800 m² Planned

CTP ICon Sollenau

Industriestrasse-Nord, Sollenau, Austria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
SOL1 Details 23,000 m² 23,000 m² Planned
SOL2 Details 17,000 m² 17,000 m² Planned

CTP ICon St. Pölten North

Karl-Ahrer Straße 1, Inzersdorf ob der Traisen, Austria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
SPN2 Details 27,770 m² 27,770 m² under construction
SPN3 Details 15,000 m² 15,000 m² built
SPN1 Details 5,000 m² 25,300 m² built

CTP ICon Vienna East

Stuttgarter Straße 10, Bruck an der Leitha, Austria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
VIE3 Details 11,000 m² 11,000 m² Planned

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