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We have the flexible, energy-efficient space that your business needs to grow. Our award-winning properties include the CTPark Network—Europe's largest integrated system of full-service, BREEAM-certified business parks, with more than 200 locations in 10 countries, from the North Sea to the Black Sea. We're also the number-one developer of premium office campuses in the Czech Republic, our historical home market.

Top 10 Parks


CTPark Bucharest West

CTPark Bucharest West is the largest industrial park in CEE, with the highest quality work environment in an industrial park in Romania. Construction started in 2015, and the park has nicely emerged from big box warehousing to a larger business community. It offers all the amenities of a modern business setup including transport infrastructure, a medical point, restaurants, cafés and leisure facilities, all within a green and environmentally friendly atmosphere, which helps our clients attract and retain an educated workforce. Its strategic location at the main entryway to the city is ideal for companies looking to access the growing Bucharest market, and the nearby towns are connected to the park by local transportation. CTPark Bucharest West is prominently located near the city’s western entrance at the second exit from the city, and it has direct access to the A1 motorway — the primary East-West corridor. Just 20 km from the ring road, the location is ideal for e-commerce and logistics operators looking for the ideal hub to serve the capitol city and its growing population. The CTP Clubhaus at this location offers several leisure amenities such as restaurants, cafés, a canteen, conference rooms, shops, markets and a medical point to support residents in attracting a quality workforce and having easy access to basic services and entertainment.

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CTPark Bor

CTPark Bor

One of CEE’s most successful business parks, CTPark Bor is strategically located in Western Bohemia, 50 km from Plzeň’s city centre, with excellent highway connectivity and only 15 km from the German border. The routes and important trade paths lead through not only Germany, but even further, to Italy. It is an ideal location for manufacturers in the auto supply chain and for logistics providers in e-commerce serving the Czech and/or German markets. CTPark Bor has more than 15 tenants who employ over 5,000 people, which will rise after further expansion of the park. As part of Western Bohemia, the Plzeň Region has the 5th highest GDP per capita in the country. It is the third largest region in the Czech Republic, and the ninth most populous, accounting for 5.4% of the country’s total population. Mechanical engineering, food processing, energy production and distribution, and metallurgy are among the most significant industrial sectors in the region. A great amount of the area’s highly skilled workforce comes from this region, especially thanks to the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, which provides 13,000 students/year with a wide variety of in-depth study possibilities primarily in the machine and electrical engineering sphere. Bor’s centre is 5 km away and offers many restaurants and shops.  

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CTPark Bucharest

Our A-class Premium Business Units are designed with small businesses in mind. Each unit is equipped with—a modern office, warehouse and retail space—in a size that fits with fully customizable options from 500 m2 to 6,000 m2. With our on-site park and facility managers taking care of cleaning, outside utilities, groundskeeping, site maintenance and 24/7 security, clients are able to focus on their business. Flexibility on demand for your business CTFlex are flexible spaces, starting from 500 sq m,  with all the benefits of an industrial park included, where you can grow your business. This business solution is designed to accommodate the growing demand of small and medium business owners looking for modern and flexible work environments. All the buildings are designed class A, built to BREEAM standards, with focus on accessibility and infrastructure. We create a business eco-system where both the small and the large companies can benefit from being close to each other, creating synergies. The premium location is at Bucharest’s most important interchange which gives you access to the entire city via the ring road and to nearby suppliers still located in older industrial zones. The location also gives you direct access to the city centre by car or public transport: the Preciziei metro station is only a 15-minute ride and of course, the A1 is the most important route out of the country.

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CTPark Brno

CTPark Brno is a tech and research and development focused park in the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the country’s innovation hub specializing in industries including biomedicine, engineering, cybersecurity and information technology. The park is located on the D1 motorway within the city’s ringroad which connects it to Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Ostrava, 15 minutes from the city centre, and 5 minutes from the Brno international airport. The park is in the vicinity of 13 universities and benefits from skilled local workforce. Approximately 8,000 people already work in the park and its tenants include Dachser, Inventec, Acer, Wistron, Honeywell ABB, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Raben. The park has garnered many major awards such as Business Property with Greatest Contribution to Research and Innovations or Industrial Park of the year with the Greatest Economic Impact, by the Association of Foreign Investment, Czechia.

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CTPark Ostrava

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and a centre of the Moravian-Silesian region.Ostrava’s economy was historically based on coal mining and heavy indus­try (iron, steel, mechanical engineering). The last coal was mined in 1999 and in the recent years the Ostrava region has become a major centre of the automotive industry, IT sector, and engineering. CTPark Ostrava is located just 10km from Ostrava city centre with direct motorway access to Prague and Brno, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Benefiting from its position in a regional me­tropolis with a developed infrastructure and advanced educational base, it provides investors with the necessary security of steady labour supply and future development. The park offers a full range of CTP building types, for manufacturing, logistics, R&D and back-office operations. The biggest university is Technical University of Ostrava offering especially technical education.

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CTPark Budapest West

CTPark Budapest West is located next to the town of Biatorbágy at the M1 highway, in the vicinity of the M0 ring road and only 15 kms from Budapest city center. The property is a state-of-the-art warehouse-distribution center, a green field investment on 76 ha land with a building complex of nearly 280,000 m2 floorspace. The park houses Hungary's first ever "Outstanding"-rated BREEAM-certified building in the "In use"-category, as well as several other, "Very Good" and "Excellent"-rated industrial warehouses. It is the largest CTPark in Hungary and the sixth largest in the CTPark Network. The park's largest - BIA3 - building offers CTP's first Hungarian Clubhaus: a community hub which offers tenants the opportunity to host meetings, trainings and other team building events in a modern, highly equipped and comfortable area, at no extra cost! From logistics point of view this is the ideal place for business activities conducted in Hungary and CEE region with respect to warehousing, distribution, cross-docking and other value-added operations for ambient, temperature controlled, chilled as well as frozen goods.

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CTPark Modřice

CTPark Modřice is strategically located only 5 kilometres from Brno on the E461 roadway to Vienna, nearby to existing automotive and high-tech supply chain routes. Tenants in the park represent a diverse range of industries including high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, auto & rail component manufacturers, as well as local and international logistics providers, with footprints ranging from 1,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters. Park features include direct road connection and on-site public transport facilitating access to Brno’s educated labour pool. Approximately 2,200 people work in the park employed by its tenants, including Inventec, GefCo, Quehenberger, DHL, IMI Norgren and IFE. The Park is a proven success as the first full-service park in the CTPark Network.

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CTPark Bucharest North

CTPark Bucharest North is located in north of Bucharest, in the Ștefănești - Afumați area, an established logistics hub, on Bucharest's Northern Beltway, close to the A3 motorway and the National Road 2 (DN2).

Ecommerce logistics

The logistics park has a total area of 21 hectares and is perfectly located to meet the needs of customers in the ecommerce sector, thanks to easy access to Bucharest. Developed in accordance with BREEAM standards for accessibility and infrastructure, CTPark Bucharest North offers Class A warehouses, built to the highest CTP technical standards, ensuring optimal occupancy costs for residents.

A3 highway

Positioned on Bucharest’s most important interchange, between the A3 highway and National Road 2 (DN2), the park gives access to the entire city and the ring-road connection. Not only is the A3 one of the most extensive highways in the country, but the park’s location also grants a direct route to the city centre by car or public transport. The bus station R409 is only a 10-minute ride away.

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CTPark Budapest East

CTPark Budapest East is a high-bay logistics warehouse with offices located in Üllő, 8 km to the South-East of Budapest, at the intersection of M0 ringroad and motorway M4. Budapest International Airport is just a few minutes’ drive. Located on the busiest transit route in and out of Budapest, CTPark Budapest East is ideal for logistics and production companies as well.

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CTPark Trnava

CTPark Trnava is strategically located 5 km from Trnava city centre, 50 km from the Slovak capital, Bratislava and directly adjacent to the Stellantis production facility. The park is situated just off the E58 highway connecting Trnava with Austria and the Hungary to the West, and the Czech Republic and Poland to the North. The park offers A-class warehouse and production spaces ideal especially for automotive components manufacturing and CEE logistics and distribution activities.

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1. CTPark Bucharest West

2. CTPark Bor

3. CTPark Bucharest

4. CTPark Brno

5. CTPark Ostrava

6. CTPark Budapest West

7. CTPark Modřice

8. CTPark Bucharest North

9. CTPark Budapest East

10. CTPark Trnava


Success Stories

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CEE as Nearshoring Hub

Inventec, the renowned Taiwanese electronics manufacturer serving some of the world’s largest computer and automotive companies, has established a strong and long-lasting partnership with CTP.

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Charting New Territories in Europe

In the world of premium smart electric vehicles, one company has carved out a distinctive path. NIO, recognized globally for its innovative approach and pioneering solutions, envisioned an ambitious goal.

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TRUMPF Huettinger

Strategic Expansion at CTPark Warsaw East

In a bold move to meet the surging demand for control cabinets and adapt to the rapidly evolving global market, TRUMPF Huettinger has chosen CTPark Warsaw East for its latest expansion venture.

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New Developments

Our new Clubhaus at CTP Warsaw West is coming soon, and it's our most sustainable yet. This space offers co-working, gaming, a grocery store, first-aid facilities, offices, an outdoor square, a gym, and more. Notably, it's built with a timber structure, minimal concrete use, rooftop PV panels, greywater systems, gas-free heat pumps powered by renewables, and exterior walls adorned with climbing plants for reduced carbon footprint.

We are currently developing a new CTPark at Wuppertal in Germany. Once this redeveloping project is complete, the park will connect its industrial heritage to the future of commerce with offices, hightech and lightweight manufacturing, groovy public spaces, restaurant and accommodation. This new business quarter will be the perfect ecosystem to move ideas into action.

We are proud to announce significant construction at our largest park. At CTPark Bucharest West we are developing our biggest building to date, a 160,000 sqm facility. A substantial portion of this space—65,000 sqm—is exclusively leased to LPP, the rapidly expanding fashion retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

Industrial & Logistics

We offer for lease a broad range of state-of-the-art industrial and logistics facilities across Europe available for immediate move-in. Regardless of your size or industry-specific requirements, the CTPark Network offers you the flexible space you need at the places you want to be. All of our buildings can be customised and fit-out to your exact specifications — or let us design and build your bespoke property solution from the ground up. Our large landbank enables you to expand or relocate rapidly as your business grows.

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Office Campuses

Our premium office campus developments have made us number one in the Czech Republic—our historical home market and one of the CEE region's most popular business-smart destinations. We specialise in urban brownfield redevelopments that become new city landmarks, with a mix of modern amenities, public spaces, co-working areas, and events that invigorate the community with new energy.

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