Board of Directors

Remon Vos

Remon L. Vos

Executive Director & CEO


Born in the Netherlands in 1970, Remon Vos founded CTP in 1998 with two investors to develop A-class industrial properties in the Czech Republic. Over the next 20 years Remon grew the CTPark Network to become the largest integrated system of full-service business parks in Central and Eastern Europe. In July 2019, Remon took over 100% control of the CTP Group and continues to lead the company at full-speed. He is personally involved at both the executive and operational levels in all CEE markets, growing the portfolio and strengthening relationships with long-term business partners. Remon is an avid sportsman, and enjoys half triathlons, marathons, biking, skiing, and race-car driving among others. He is married with two children and resides in the Czech countryside with his wife and colony of bees.

Richard Wilkinson

CFO, Deputy CEO


Richard joined as Group CFO, but is now focusing on his role as Deputy CEO, primarily overseeing the company’s core businesses in its CEE markets. Among many other achievements, Richard organised the largest industrial real estate refinancing in CEE history, led CTP’s debut green bond issue, guided CTP’s IPO process in 2021 and oversaw the takeover of Deutsche Industrie REIT. After studying Law at the London School of Economics, Richard moved to career in finance. For nearly 30 years he has held various senior management positions in Treasury, Balance Sheet Management, Corporate Banking and Real Estate. Despite residing in Vienna with his family for over 20 years, his heart still bleeds for Newcastle United.

Barbara Knoflach

Non-Executive Director


Barbara’s career has taken her through banking and finance, real estate, and most recently to innovation and sustainability. Her career highlights include her positions as CEO of SEB Asset Management from 2005 to 2015, and later as Global CEO of BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management. She hones her ability to look at the bigger picture and shares her dynamic experience sitting on several committees and boards throughout her career, such as AFIRE, BVI, ULI, ZIA, Real Estate Academic Initiative at Harvard University, and as chairwoman of HQ Capital. Most recently, she created LifeWorkSpace, a consulting and private investment company focused on spurring innovation and sustainability strategies in the real estate sector.

Susanne Eickermann-Riepe

Non-Executive Director


Susanne joined CTP following the termination of her active partner role at PwC Germany where she served as Head of Real Estate. With 30 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting in financial services, real estate services, funds and companies, Susanne knows that the future of the industry will not happen without sustainability. Due to her professional background and leadership in innovation Susanne was appointed as the chair of the board of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Germany, where she drives several working groups on the implementation of the EU Green Deal. Susanne’s high professional rankings paired with her future leaning environmental concerns have placed her on several real estate advisory positions. Her activities are spurred by her belief that the real estate sector must take more responsibility and action for an equitable future.

Kari Pitkin

Non-Executive Director


Kari brings a wealth of international experience to the table. For over two decades, she held positions in investment banking with her final role as EMEA Head of Real Estate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Her career took her from New York to Sydney and finally settled in London.  During this part of her career, she advised real estate companies on corporate finance transactions and capital markets activity, including fund raising whether equity or debt.  After banking, Kari moved into the investment world at PIMCO Prime Real Estate (formerly Allianz Real Estate) creating joint ventures, overseeing the logistics team and working with institutional investors.  Kari has an Anglo-American background and brings this cultural perspective to the table.


She holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia (USA) and an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Economics and Sociology. Kari is a Global Trustee of Urban Land Institute.

Rodolphe Schoettel

Non-Executive Director


Rodolphe was born in 1962 and has the French and Swiss nationality. He holds a degree in Business administration from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and currently is the CFO and Managing Director of the Augustin Quehenberger Group GmbH. Rodolphe also acts as Managing Partner of CR Asset Management GmbH and affiliated companies and as Executive Director of ROS Capital AG and affiliated companies. Previously, Rodolphe has served as Turnaround Manager at Treuhandanstalt Berlin, as Executive Director of Delacher+Co Transport AG, as CFO of the Board of Directors of Thiel Logistik AG, as Executive Board member of TNT Logistics CEE and as CFO and member of the Board of Directors of Pin Group AG.


As a CFO of Quehenberger Group, a large transport- and logistics company active throughout Europe, Quehenberger Group, Rodolphe has extensive knowledge in the area of financing, accounting and auditing. In addition to his work at Quehenberger, he is an investor in various asset management companies in Switzerland and Austria and understands the perspective of investors and entrepreneurs in the Central and Eastern European countries.


We prioritise effective corporate governance practices and work consistently to build a transparent work environment at all levels of our organisation. The tone for this is set at the top. Our one-tier board, comprised of Executive and Non-Executive Directors, oversees the company’s operations, ensures compliance, and upholds the interests of our stakeholders. The Non-Executive Directors supervise the performance of duties of the Executive Directors and the general affairs and business of CTP, help develop proposals on strategy and supervise implementation of the strategy. We adhere diligently to applicable laws and regulations and have established Board-level committees that ensure responsible, fair and transparent decision-making in the Audit, Nomination and Remuneration, Sustainability Committees and in the Board. Our Board of Directors is committed to creating long-term value while considering the impact of our actions throughout the value chain.

Ethical Business Conduct

Integrity is at the core of how we conduct business at CTP. We have established a strong culture of ethical behaviour, transparency, and accountability throughout our organisation. Our flat management structure enables quick decision-making, fostering a dynamic and responsive work environment. We actively manage risks and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our comprehensive policies, such as our Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, and Insider Trading Policy. These policies outline our expectations for ethical behaviour and guide our interactions with employees, stakeholders, and business partners. Top management gives its full support to the Group AML compliance officer across the Group.

Inclusion & Equal Opportunities

CTP values diversity, equity, and inclusion as integral components of our organizational culture. We prioritize talent, experience, and attitude in our recruitment process, fostering a diverse and motivated workforce.

Gender equality is a key value for us, and we maintain a gender ratio close to 50:50 below the Board level. At the Board level, we have set a goal of gender representation not falling below 30%.

Our commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities is reflected in our policies, including our Code of Conduct and efforts to create an ethical work environment where all employees are treated with respect and have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to our success.

Grievance Channels

We value open communication and provide multiple channels for employees to raise concerns or grievances. Our anonymous intranet grievance channel, accessible via email or phone, allows employees to report any issues they may encounter.

We also have a whistleblower policy in place, encouraging employees to first approach their managers but providing an alternative channel if necessary. This channel ensures anonymity and protects whistleblowers. We take all concerns seriously and investigate them promptly, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining a safe and ethical work environment where individuals feel comfortable speaking up.

EU Taxonomy

We understand the significance of the EU Taxonomy in promoting sustainability in the economy. That’s why we are transparent about our eligibility and alignment with the Taxonomy’s requirements. Through an analysis in 2022, we have determined the eligibility of our core business operations, ensuring they align with the Taxonomy’s guidelines. We have adapted our policies and processes to meet the minimum social safeguard requirements and ensure alignment across various criteria. As we continue to develop our properties, we are committed to meeting the technical screening criteria and further increasing our alignment with the EU Taxonomy.


Dutch Corporate Governance Code Reconciliation Table 27/03/2024 Download
CTP Board Profile Non-Executive Directors 29/11/2022 Download
Board Rules 23/04/2024 Download
Articles of Association (NL) 01/05/2023 Download
Articles of Association (unofficial translation EN) 01/05/2023 Download
Company Structure 31/12/2023 Download
CTP Retirement Schedule Non-Executive Directors 29/03/2021 Download
Third Party Due Diligence Principles 14/09/2023 Download
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy 30/12/2022 Download
Anti-Fraud Policy - Construction 30/12/2022 Download
Anti-discrimination and Harrasment Policy 30/12/2022 Download
Code of Conduct
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30/12/2022 Download
Suppliers Code of Conduct
Other Languages: CZ SK RO HU PL SR BG
30/12/2022 Download
Insider Trading Policy 09/04/2024 Download
Diversity and Inclusion Policy 08/11/2022 Download
Tax Policy 08/11/2022 Download
Bilateral Contact Policy 08/11/2022 Download
Donations, Community Investment and Sponsorship Policy 01/09/2022 Download
Related Party Transaction Policy 09/08/2022 Download
Environmental Policy 15/06/2022 Download
Dividend Policy 29/03/2021 Download
Remuneration Policy 23/04/2024 Download
List of Peers—Remuneration Policy 23/04/2024 Download
Whistleblower Policy 29/03/2021 Download
Policy Page 29/03/2021 Download
Whistleblower portal: How to Report a Concern 29/03/2021 Download

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