How to Report a Concern

How to Report a Concern

CTP strives to conduct its business ethically and in compliance with relevant regulations.

As part of the effort CTP maintains a confidential anonymous whistleblowing channel. The channel allows CTP executive officers, CTP Staff and third parties to raise complaints or concerns on non-compliance with our Group Code of Conduct, respective policies and ethical standards, to report fraudulent behaviour or to seek advice in compliance matters.

The whistleblowing channel is anonymous. However, providing your name and contact details will help to get more details, if necessary, and improve the investigation. CTP is committed to protect the whistleblowers submitting disclosures in good faith against retaliation. All whistleblowers will be treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality.

All concerns delivered through this channel will be handled fairly, properly, and without undue delay. More information can be found in our Group Whistleblower Policy.

Grievances (also for ESG matters) can be delivered to

Any misuse of the whistleblowing system will be sanctioned in accordance with the relevant legislation. Protection against retaliatory measures does not apply to individuals who make a report without having legitimate reasons to believe that it is based on truthful information (referred to as “knowingly false reporting”).


Rohia Hakimová

Group AML Compliance Officed
Employees and third parties can raise concerns via
e-mail address:

post mail or personal visit

CTP Invest, spol. s.r.o.
Group AML & Compliance Officer
Národní 135/14, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

hot line:

(+420) 607 287 287

External independent web application FaceUp.
(Password FACEUP)

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