How to Report a Concern

How to Report a Concern

CTP strives to conduct its business ethically and in compliance with relevant regulations.

As part of the effort CTP maintains a confidential anonymous whistleblowing channel. The channel allows CTP executive officers, CTP Staff and third parties to raise complaints or concerns on non-compliance with our Group Code of Conduct, respective policies and ethical standards, to report fraudulent behaviour or to seek advice in compliance matters.

The whistleblowing channel is anonymous. However, providing your name and contact details will help to get more details, if necessary, and improve the investigation. CTP is committed to protect the whistleblowers submitting disclosures in good faith against retaliation. All whistleblowers will be treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality.

All concerns delivered through this channel will be handled fairly, properly, and without undue delay. More information can be found in our Group Whistleblower Policy.

Grievances (also for ESG matters) can be delivered to

Any misuse of the whistleblowing system will be sanctioned in accordance with the relevant legislation. Protection against retaliatory measures does not apply to individuals who make a report without having legitimate reasons to believe that it is based on truthful information (referred to as “knowingly false reporting”).


Rohia Hakimová

Group AML Compliance Officed
Employees and third parties can raise concerns via
e-mail address:

post mail or personal visit

CTP Invest, spol. s.r.o.
Group AML & Compliance Officer
Národní 135/14, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

hot line:

(+420) 607 287 287

External independent web application FaceUp.
(Password FACEUP)

Every submitted concern is subject to a proper assessment of the grounds for the report by the responsible person (see below). Appropriate measures will be taken in response to justified notifications to correct or prevent an illegal situation following the submitted concern. The responsible person will propose suitable corrective measures based on their findings.

The internal whistleblowing system is the recommended first step for whistleblowers. If submitting a concern internally does not resolve the issue, or if there are worries about retaliation, whistleblowers are entitled to escalate their concerns. This is allowed where local legislation supports it or when there’s a justified belief of immediate or clear threats to internal order, security, life, health, the environment, or another public interest, or in cases of potential irreversible damage. Escalation may involve taking the issue to a higher authority as outlined below; or making it public, particularly when the risk of retaliation is high or the integrity of the investigation process might be at risk.

Notice: The rules are governed by the relevant legislation of the given jurisdiction. Misuse is subject to penalties according to the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction.

Country Responsible person
Austria Florian Zabinsky
Bulgaria Borislav Anatoliev Hristov
Czech Republic Rohia Hakimová
Germany Alen Stosic
Hungary Ferenc Gondi
Poland Bogi Gabrovic
Serbia Dragana Djordjevic
Slovakia Florian Zabinsky
Romania Eleonora Amariutei
The Netherlands Rohia Hakimová (temporarily)
Group Level Rohia Hakimová

*Password / parola / heslo / passwort / jelszó / wachtwoord / hasło / lozinka:  FACEUP

Country Higher authority
Austria Federal Office for the Prevention and Fight against Corruption (BAK) – The office’s website and personnel staffing are being prepared.
Bulgaria Commission for Protection of Personal Data
Czech Republic Ministry of Justice
Germany BaFin Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
Hungary Integrity Authority
Poland The national ombudsman in Poland
Serbia Under certain conditions, employees may disclose irregularities externally. The national ombudsman in Serbia
Slovakia Whistleblower Protection Office
Romania National Integrity Agency (Agenția Națională de Integritate)
The Netherlands Dutch Whistleblowers Authority (Huis Voor Klokkenluiders)



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