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Since its integration into the European Union in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2009, Slovakia’s growth has accelerated rapidly. An advantageous location in the heart of Central Europe and tax incentives for foreign investors have contributed greatly to the country’s economic success, particularly in recent years: FDI inflows more than doubled between 2018 and 2019. Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava, sits on the borders of Hungary and Austria just 65 kilometres from Vienna, offering unparalleled proximity to millions of consumers in Europe’s west, east, and south.


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Hot Regions in Slovakia

Greater Bratislava

Straddling the Danube river and bordered by the Morava, Bratislava boasts an advantageous location in Central Europe, a skilled, affordable labor force, and a generally positive forecast for investors. The city is uniquely situated on the border with two countries, Austria and Hungary, on Slovakia’s far-western edge. Proximity to western Europe has afforded this city of just under half a million inhabitants relatively steady economic growth, with major investments by the likes of Volkswagen, Kia Motors, IBM, Samsung, and Tesco.   Slovakia has enjoyed near-constant economic growth since its integration into the European Union in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2009, and EU investments have accelerated the development of the nation’s infrastructure. During the Cold War, the country became an industrial landmark within Central Europe, establishing a tradition in heavy industry that persists today. Slovakia is now the world’s most prolific automotive producer per capita and home to a bustling service sector and multiple thriving IT hubs. FDI in the country more than doubled between 2018 and 2019 to USD 2.5 billion.   The CTPark network in the wider Bratislava region offers several A-Class properties, including CTPark Bratislava, located on E65 highway, which links the city to Brno and Prague. Additional properties can be found in neighbouring Voděrady and Trnava.   Reasons to believe:

CTP ICon Trnava

Prilohy, Zavar, Trnava, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
TRN23 Details62,615 m²62,615 m²Planned
TRN21 Details44,765 m²44,765 m²Planned
TRN22 Details24,471 m²24,471 m²Planned
TRN11 Details19,144 m²48,769 m²Planned
TRN24 Details18,403 m²18,403 m²Planned
TRN2 Details11,247 m²22,797 m²Planned
TRN17 Details9,609 m²14,036 m²Planned
TRN3 Details8,308 m²18,888 m²Planned
TRN12 Details5,092 m²41,818 m²built
TRN8 Details4,426 m²4,426 m²Planned
TRN13 Details3,186 m²3,186 m²Planned
TRN1 Details2,205 m²17,777 m²Planned

CTP ICon Banská Bystrica

Technická, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BB1 Details17,501 m²17,501 m²Planned

CTP ICon Košice

Bahýľová, Košice, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
KSC17 Details28,504 m²28,504 m²Planned
KSC16 Details6,481 m²6,481 m²Planned

CTP ICon Námestovo

Námestovo 1088, Námestovo, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
NAM 6 Details9,680 m²9,680 m²Planned

CTP ICon Prešov North

Vranovská, Prešov, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
PRN2 Details34,868 m²34,868 m²Planned
PRN5 Details29,655 m²29,655 m²Planned
PRN6 Details27,917 m²27,917 m²Planned
PRN7 Details26,435 m²26,435 m²Planned
PRN3 Details23,310 m²23,310 m²Planned
PRN4 Details19,825 m²19,825 m²Planned
PRN8 Details15,178 m²15,178 m²Planned
PRN1 Details11,000 m²11,000 m²built

CTP ICon Prešov South

Vysielač 485, Petrovany, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
PRP 1 Details15,700 m²15,700 m²built

CTP ICon Voderady

Voderady 454, Trnava region, Voderady, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
VOD3 Details28,800 m²34,570 m²Planned
VOD2 Details5,241 m²13,356 m²Planned

CTP ICon Žilina Airport

Na Skalu 504/3, Dolný Hričov, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ZAR6 Details26,977 m²29,655 m²Planned
ZAR7 Details14,036 m²14,036 m²Planned

CTP ICon Žilina

Mobis ulica 442/2, Žilina - Gbeľany, Slovakia

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ZG3 Details8,166 m²33,520 m²Planned

Currently Unavailable Space in Slovakia

CTP Icon Bratislava

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 262,794 ha


CTP Icon Hlohovec

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 80,000 ha


CTP Icon Krásno nad Kysucou

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 10,620 ha


CTP Icon Nitra

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 93,514 ha


CTP Icon Nové Mesto nad Váhom

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 20,000 ha


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Business Development Director, Slovakia

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