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Bridging the countries of Central Europe with the continent’s geographic southeast, Serbia offers an attractive location for investors seeking to tap a vast market opportunity in a rapidly evolving region. After years of political and macroeconomic instability, Serbia has found its footing, and the nation of over 7 million is now poised to become a European Union member state. Rapidly developing infrastructure, low labor costs, and access to some 1.1 billion customers customs-free all support the success of investments in the region.


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Hot Regions in Serbia


Belgrade’s star is rising. In recent years, the Serbian capital has attracted the attention of investors across the globe, who recognise the rich potential of this growing Southeastern European hotspot. With a population of 1.6 million, Belgrade accounts for over 40% of Serbia’s gross national product, and low operating costs and corporate tax rates continue to attract FDI into this growing economy. What’s more, the excellent availability of highly skilled, affordable labor led FDI Magazine to name Belgrade one of its European Cities of the Future for cost effectiveness.   Serbia, too, has come a long way in recent decades. The country is now a prime candidate for EU membership, which would only bolster the nation’s political stability and boost its growth forecast. Sharing a border with many of its neighbours in the heart of Southeastern Europe, the country boasts an ideal geographic location, with key transport links to millions of consumers in every corner of Europe. The Serbian government has prioritised infrastructure spending, ensuring that the nation’s highways and waterways remain conducive to business transport.   Two parks in the Belgrade region offer A-Class opportunities for interested investors. CTPark Belgrade North, near the town of Novi Banovci, provides easy access to both Belgrade and Novi Sad on the A1 highway, plus direct transport links to Zagreb, Budapest, and Timisoara. On the Belgrade-Zagreb E-701 motorway, CTPark Belgrade West offers proximity to Nikola Tesla International Airport.   Reasons to believe:

CTP ICon Belgrade City

Autoput za Zagreb 11a Novi beograd, Belgrade, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
BGD1 Details 25,000 m² 110,000 m² built
BGD2 Details 4,000 m² 25,000 m² built

CTP ICon Jagodina

Italijanska, Jagodina, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
JAG3 Details 43,000 m² 43,000 m² Planned
JAG2 Details 28,000 m² 28,000 m² Planned
JAG1B Details 15,287 m² 31,098 m² Planned
JAG5 Details 10,000 m² 10,000 m² Planned
JAG4 Details 7,000 m² 7,000 m² Planned

CTP ICon Belgrade North

Svetosavska 213, Novi Banovci, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
NBC7 Details 85,000 m² 85,000 m² Planned
NBC6 Details 41,000 m² 41,000 m² Planned
NBC4 Details 16,000 m² 28,000 m² built
NBC5 Details 12,000 m² 18,700 m² built

CTP ICon Novi Sad City

Industrial Zone North, Novi Sad, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
NSC4 Details 27,000 m² 27,000 m² Planned
NSC5 Details 27,000 m² 27,000 m² Planned
NSC2 Details 26,000 m² 26,000 m² Planned
NSC1 Details 15,000 m² 15,000 m² Planned
NSC3 Details 15,000 m² 15,000 m² Planned

CTP ICon Novi Sad East

Kać, Novi Sad, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
NSE4 Details 25,705 m² 25,000 m² Planned
NSE3 Details 22,537 m² 25,000 m² Planned
NSE1 Details 16,000 m² 25,000 m² built

CTP ICon Novi Sad

Nova 8, Novi Sad, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
NVS2 Details 33,760 m² 59,760 m² Planned
NVS4 Details 18,818 m² 18,818 m² Planned

CTP ICon Belgrade West

Dositejeva 33, Šimanovci, Serbia

Building Available Space Total Space Status
SIM12 Details 50,000 m² 50,000 m² Planned
SIM7 Details 45,000 m² 45,000 m² Planned
SIM6 Details 38,000 m² 38,000 m² under construction
SIM11 Details 37,000 m² 37,000 m² Planned
SIM9 Details 30,000 m² 30,000 m² Planned
SIM14 Details 20,000 m² 20,000 m² Planned
SIM8 Details 17,000 m² 17,000 m² Planned
SIM13 Details 15,000 m² 15,000 m² Planned
SIM10 Details 8,000 m² 8,000 m² Planned
SIM3 Details 6,500 m² 6,500 m² Planned

Currently Unavailable Space in Serbia

CTP Icon Kragujevac

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 160,000 ha


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