CTP maintains a conservative capital structure and has a diversified funding strategy, including bank loans, corporate bonds, and capital markets. This allows for flexibility in managing our debt portfolio and ensures long-term financial stability.


Bond Issuance DateISINNominal Value of total bonds issued in EUR millionNominal value of each bond in EURCurrencyTypeFix interest rate per annum ("p.a")Maturity Date
1 July 2022XS239054684949.5100,000EURsenior unsecured1.500%27 Sept 2031
20 Jan 2022XS2434791690700.0100,000EURsenior unsecured0.875%20 Jan 2026
27 Sept 2021XS2390530330500.0100,000EURsenior unsecured0.625%27 Sept 2026
27 Sept 2021XS2390546849500.0100,000EURsenior unsecured1.500%27 Sept 2031
21 June 2021XS2356029541500.0100,000EURsenior unsecured0.500%21 June 2025
21 June 2021XS2356030556500.0100,000EURsenior unsecured1.250%21 June 2029
18 Feb 2021XS2303052695500.0100,000EURsenior unsecured0.750%18 Feb 2027
27 Nov 2020XS2264194205400.0100,000EURsenior unsecured0.625%27 Nov 2023
1 Oct 2020XS2238342484331.8100,000EURsenior unsecured2.125%1 Oct 2025
Bonds acquired
9 June 2021DE000A3E5L0720.0100,000EURsenior unsecured3.300%9 June 2031
Total Bonds4,001.3

Credit Ratings

We hold a Baa3 credit rating with a stable outlook from Moody’s and a BBB- credit rating with a stable outlook from S&P, reflecting our solid financial standing and commitment to long-term success. Moody’s confirmed their rating on 3 August 2023, and S&P confirmed their rating on 15 September 2023.

S&P Ratings Report30/09/2020Download
Moody's Ratings Report Republished18/09/2020Download

EMTN Program Updates

CTP NV Base Listing Particulars17/04/2023Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 49.5m tap for EUR 549.5 m 2031 Eurobonds27/06/2022Download
CTP N.V. Base Listing Particulars12/05/2022Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 700m January 2026 (Series 8) Eurobonds24/01/2022Download
CTP €700 Million Bond Issuance 20-01-2022 Press Release20/01/2022Download
Announcement of Tender Offer Acceptance and Results20/01/2022Download
CTP N.V. Base Listing Particulars Supplement07/01/2022Download
CTP €150 mln Tender Results Announcement29/09/2021Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 500m 2031 Eurobonds27/09/2021Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 500m 2026 Eurobonds27/09/2021Download
CTP NV issues dual-tranche Green Bond raising €1 billion amidst strong investor demand27/09/2021Download
Tender Offer Launch Announcement(EUR 650,000,000 2.125 per cent. Notes due 2025)20/09/2021Download
CTP N.V. Base Listing Particulars Supplement – September 202117/09/2021Download
CTP N.V. Base Listing Particulars – August 202106/08/2021Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 500m 2025 Eurobonds22/06/2021Download
CTP NV Pricing Supplement EUR 500m 2029 Eurobonds22/06/2021Download
CTP NV Supplement – Annual Report and First Quarter Results 202108/06/2021Download
Bond Investors Update Presentation on IPO29/04/2021Download
CTP BV Pricing Supplement EUR 500m 2027 Eurobonds22/02/2021Download
CTP BV Supplement – Trading Update10/02/2021Download
Global Investor Presentation10/02/2021Download
CTP BV Pricing Supplement EUR 400m 2023 Eurobonds27/11/2020Download
CTP BV Supplement EUR650mln 2025 Eurobonds19/11/2020Download
Global Investor Presentation29/09/2020Download
CTP BV Pricing Supplement EUR650mln 2025 Eurobonds29/09/2020Download
CTP BV Base Listing Particulars17/09/2020Download

Greenbonds Framework

CTP’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our Green Bond Framework. Our comprehensive approach encompasses BREEAM certifications for all our developments, smart building systems, ISO environmental and energy certifications, circular economy integration, solar initiatives, and ev-chargers. With a pledge to protect the environment and enhance communities, our Green Bond Framework reflects our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future.

CTP NV Green Bond Report 202314/11/2023Download
CTP NV Green Bond Report 202213/10/2022Download
CTP NV Green Bond Report 202124/09/2021Download
Green Bond Framework30/09/2020Download
Group Green Bond Framework Second-Party Opinion26/08/2020Download

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