ESG Pillar 3

Stimulating Social Impact & Well-Being

Our business brings people together to get business done. With over 200 companies, 20,000 people working at our properties, and over 700 of our own employees, we are constantly engaged with people and place a premium on their well-being. And as the long-term owner and operator of more than 200 parks in 10 countries across Europe, we make it a priority to be a good corporate citizen and neighbour in the communities where we work and live. We have a long and significant track record of social engagement and giving back to our communities with a wide range of support, including charity donations targeting disadvantaged youth and other vulnerable members of society and support for education, job retraining programmes, and pallative care.

Being a Good Corporate Citizen

For us, being a good corporate citizen comes naturally. Building trust and lasting relationships with community stakeholders supports long-term growth, both for our company and for our clients. Equally important, our people are at home in the towns and cities where our properties are located, and they are proud to help create new opportunities for their communities. Our parks don’t just create jobs, they bring people together, and together people can do some amazing things. We are proud of our reputation in our markets for positive social engagment, charity and education support.


We believe education is essential for growing healthy, strong communities. Our support for education comes in many shapes and sizes, from direct financial support to arranging site visits at our parks for students, so that they can learn more about what it means to build and operate a modern business park and what goes on there. We routinely engage with local technical universities and promote knowledge transfer and job fairs. We support student architectural competitions and other initiatives with local students to engage them and prepare them for their future careers.


Giving back to those less fortunate in our communities is simpy the right thing to do, and we’ve been doing it since our launch a quarter-century ago. We seek long-term partnerships with reputable and effective local organisations to have the greatest possible impact. For example, we are proud to be a long-term sponsor of the Tereza Maxová Foundation in the Czech Republic, which works to assist abandoned and at-risk children. In Romania, we are long-term supporters of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, which provides palliative care to patients with advanced illness and support for their families. In 2022, in response to the war in Ukraine, we donated €10 million to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to assist those displaced by the conflict. We also donated warehousing space for relief supplies in our markets that border Ukraine, and provided accommodation for refugees at our Domeq residences at Ponavka in Brno.

We continuously seek opportunities to make a difference in the countries we operate. From blood donation campaigns to workshops empowering women in logistics, we’re devoted to creating a positive impact inside and around our business parks. Our dedication to social responsibility is demonstrated through ongoing endeavours that touch lives and embody our values. Through these heartfelt undertakings, we aim to embody the principles of empathy and compassion, fostering a spirit of solidarity that resonates across borders.

Our CEO Remon Vos, his wife Carolien Vos and their family share the same charitable values as CTP. Their commitment to creating a positive impact is reflected in a range of initiatives that touch lives across various domains. In Uganda, they have partnered with the UN Refugee Agency to sponsor scholarships, facilitating secondary education for girls returning to school, and supporting refugee students in camps. Closer to home, the family provided scholarships at UWC Atlantic College, donated 3.5 million to The Maggie’s Center in Groningen, the first social house for psychologic help for people with cancer in the Netherlands, and supports sports education for children through the Sven Kramer Academy.


We are naturally competitive at CTP and are therefore passionate about the power of sport to bring people together and contribute to a healthy lifestyle—physically, mentally and socially. During the year we organise various sporting and other outdoor events at our parks for our clients’ employees and the wider community. We also support competitive events, like the half-iron man DoksyRace triathlon in the Czech Republic, and we sponsor youth teams in many of our communities. We provide free memberships to gyms and other sports facilities to our employees and also organise several company-wide social and sporting events during the year.

Being a Dynamic Employer

We’re proud to be a dynamic employer and foster an energetic and agile work environment. We’re committed to being a fair and supportive employer and cultivate a “hands-on” and “can-do” culture, encouraging our employees to thrive and grow. This includes support for their professional development and further education—for example, we’ve underwritten the costs for several employees to pursue MBA degrees in Real Estate. We prioritise the recruitment, training, and development of talented individuals across our markets, because we know that their commitment and dedication are our most valuable assets. We incentivise performance and build respect and camraderie. And while we work hard at CTP, we also know how to have a good time. We gather together several times during the year—most notably at our annual end-of-year CTGala, where we celebrate our achievements, strengthen relationships and make new friends.

Keeping People Safe and Healthy

Safety is essential, and we take our responsibility in this area seriously. We are committed to maintaining a secure work environment. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments and provide training to our staff through online courses, ensuring they are equipped to identify and mitigate potential risks. We adhere to all local, national, and international laws and regulations related to health and safety. Our continuous collaboration with service providers allows us to stay informed about potential risks and implement necessary measures in a timely manner.

The Social Value Chain

CTP has well-covered environmental requirements in its value chain. The first steps to cover social aspects in the value chain have also been taken. Governance and due diligence functions are already established within the Company. With the growth of the importance of this topic, CTP will continue developing a framework to manage the social aspect in the value chain. Considering the size of the supply chain in CTP’s operations and the size of the Company, CTP can and will use the influence it has to promote high-quality business standards, which in turn can potentially move suppliers and providers to switch to higher standards within their own value chains. In other words, CTP looks to be a force for good.

Green Bond Report

Full Report

We are committed to offering sustainable solutions for companies that want to rent properties from us. As part of our efforts, in 2020 we put into place our Green Bond Framework. This framework follows the ICMA Green Bond Principles, ensuring that funds raised through Green Bonds are dedicated exclusively to environmentally sustainable projects. Our Green Bond Committee evaluates and selects projects for our Green Asset Pool, which consists of properties that meet strict sustainability criteria, including high certifications such as BREEAM Very Good or better and LEED Gold or above. We transparently report on the allocation of funds through our annual Green Bond Reports, providing companies with insight into the environmental impact of their leased properties. At end-2022, CTP issued Green Bonds totalling €4.25 billion.

Sustanability Report

Full Report

At CTP, we believe in transparently sharing our sustainability performance through comprehensive reporting. Our Sustainability Reports provide a detailed overview of our ESG initiatives, progress, and targets. We follow internationally recognised reporting frameworks and standards to showcase our commitment to responsible business practices, environmental stewardship, and positive social impact. Starting in 2022 we also disclose our EU Taxonomy alignment. Disclosure on EU Taxonomy and the introduction of its technical criteria into operations is another step that makes our business more sustainable. Our sustainability ambitions are aligned with EU Taxonomy requirements.

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