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Located in the southeastern corner of the Balkans, Bulgaria has an advantageous location between Europe and Asia, giving the country a rich history and leading to its classification as an upper-middle income nation. With an economy expected to expand 4.2% in 2021 (according to FocusEconomics panelists), Bulgaria is seeing an increase in household spending, capital spending, and global demand after the COVID crisis. As a member of the EU, WTO, UN, and other European trade organizations, the country has a significantly more complex economy than it did a decade before, and its national currency, the lev, is the strongest and most stable currency in Eastern Europe. Sofia, the capital, remains the country’s economic hub, housing most major Bulgarian and international companies, the Bulgarian National Bank, and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.


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Under development

CTP ICon Plovdiv North

Obština Marica, Radinovo, Bulgaria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
PLON2 Details 39,420 m² 39,420 m² Planned
PLON3 Details 20,709 m² 20,709 m² Planned

CTP ICon Sofia East

Botevgradsko shose Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
SOE2 Details 34,000 m² 34,000 m² Planned
SOE4 Details 22,000 m² 22,000 m² Planned
SOE5 Details 20,000 m² 20,000 m² Planned
SOE1 Details 18,000 m² 26,000 m² built
SOE3 Details 13,000 m² 13,000 m² Planned

CTP ICon Sofia West

Lomsko Shose Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Available Space Total Space Status
SOW5 Details 25,000 m² 25,000 m² Planned
SOW3 Details 6,500 m² 6,500 m² Planned
SOW4 Details 3,000 m² 3,000 m² Planned

Currently Unavailable Space in Bulgaria

CTP Icon Sofia Airport

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 56,600 ha


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Daniela Boytcheva

Business Development Director, Bulgaria

Daniela Boytcheva

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