Plovdiv North

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Plovdiv North

CTPark Plovdiv North is conveniently located at the first entrance to Plovdiv from Trakia Highway with an industrial zone under active develpment. It is only 1 hour and a half driving distance from the capital city - Sofia and shall consist of 2 buildings, types CTSpace and CTFlex potential for logistics operations and production capacities. Plovdiv is the biggest industrial center of Bulgaria with 71,000 jobs in manufacturing. Potential users in the area could take advantage of talent pool availability of white- and blue-collar employees specialized in the automotive, electronics and mechatronics industries.

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Daniela  Boytcheva

Daniela Boytcheva

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Regional Benefits

Major transport link between Europe and Asia

CTPark Plovdiv North is conveniently located at the first entrance to Plovdiv from Trakia Highway E80, only 1 hour and a half driving distance from the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. Plovdiv is the fastest growing industrial center of Bulgaria offering the biggest manufacturing cluster of 71,000 jobs. It provides for a developed suppliers talent pool, education opportunities and a great work-life balance.

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Local Access

Direct highway access from Sofia

Situated within Maritza Industrial Zone, one of the major areas of industrial development within Plovdiv, CTPark Plovdiv North shall feature 4 buildings, types CTSpace and CTFlex potential for logistics operations and production capacities. Our clients could take advantage of talent pool availability in the area of specialists in the automotive, electronics and mechatronics industries.

Solar ReadySolar Ready
Water RecyclingWater Recycling
Electric ChargersElectric Chargers
Sports field / Street gymSports field / Street gym
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Explore our list of buildings with available space below.

Building Available Space Status Type
PLON2 39,420 m² Planned CTSpace See details
PLON3 20,709 m² Planned CTSpace See details

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Industries in the Park

Regional Map ZoomSolar Ready
Regional Map ZoomWater Recycling
Regional Map ZoomLandscaping
Regional Map ZoomElectric Chargers
Regional Map ZoomSports field / Street gym
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Daniela Boytcheva

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Daniela  Boytcheva

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Country overview
115.5 km

CTPark Sofia East

Sofia (capital) is the biggest economy in the country. About 39% of Bulgaria’s GDP is produced in Sofia. Sofia also attracts about half of the total investment in the country. City offers the most diversified and active labor market with combination of high skilled workforce, foreign languages proficiency and efficient cost of labor. Education wise, Sofia offers the greatest number of schools of all types and educational levels. As for higher education establishments, 23 of all 51 accredited universities in the country are in Sofia. Apart from an educated work force, Sofia also has the best infrastructure connectivity to offer. The city is one of the main railway hubs in the country. It is interconnected with three European transport corridors and the starting point of several motorways that connect the capital with the Black Sea coast, Turkey, Greece and Serbia. Sofia also accommodates the busiest international airport in Bulgaria, with two passenger and cargo terminals. The total capacity of the cargo terminals is 20 000 tons annually, and that of the passenger terminals is 4.6 m. passengers annually.

116.5 km

CTPark Sofia Airport

CTPark Sofia Airport, located within the Airport area of the Capital, provides for an excellent location for city logistics and customs-related operations. For the purposes, major 3PL operators, distributors and courier companies are positioned in the area. At the same time, it assures fast connection to A2 Hemus Highway and A1 Trakia Highway going to the Black Sea coast of the country and Central Part of Bulgaria.

129.6 km

CTPark Sofia West

In terms of labor potential, future park residents benefit from the densly populated residential areas in the vicinity, such as Nadezhda, Luylin and Obelya. The park is easily accessible by public transport, and within a five-min. drive to Metro-Station Obelya, from which passengers can connect throughout the city. Currently, CTPark Sofia West has more than 70,000 sqm planned, the park provides sufficient capacity for future businesses growth.

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Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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