Land Acquisition

We currently have a strategic landbank of over 20 million sqm of pre-permitted land available for new developments and client expansion, including greenfield sites and redevelopment opportunities. The majority of our landbank is located within or adjacent to our existing parks, facilitating growth. We work closely with municipalities to attract businesses to our parks that match local needs, which helps both our clients and the communities where our parks are located to grow sustainably over time.  As an entrepreneurial property developer, we are always on the look-out for new land acquisitions and opportunities to grow together with our clients. Our ultimate goal as Parkmakers is to create long-term value for all stakeholders. 

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Michal Felcman

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Growing Together

The majority of our new business each year comes from our existing clients expanding their operations with new facilities, either at their existing site or at a new location. We are often part of our client’s cross-border growth strategy and locate, purchase, permit and develop land for them in new markets. Our strategy—to grow with you as your business grows—makes us a perfect match for your plans. We share your instinct for expansion and work together with you to make it happen.

Working Together with Municipalities

We collaborate closely with municipalities to create more than just properties – we build thriving spaces that align with their economic goals. By tailoring our development projects to each community’s unique needs, we foster growth, attract desired activities, and boost local economies. This partnership-driven approach goes beyond construction, aiming to leave a lasting impact and shape resilient cities that flourish well into the future.

Regional Needs

When acquiring land, we prioritize aligning our projects with the specific needs of each region we work in. This approach ensures that our developments contribute meaningfully to the local community and economy.

Our Big Plan to Help Communities Thrive

Our ultimate goal is for our parks to stimulate the growth of the local economy and contribute to the overall prosperity of the area. Our main aim is to make local economies stronger, creating more success for everyone. We see our parks as places where businesses grow, creating good jobs and helping the whole area get better. When we build these places, we’re not just making properties; we’re designing a brighter future for towns and cities.

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