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Silesia is situated in the southern part of Poland and covers 4% of its territory. It is considered the best-connected region in Poland. The region contains almost 400 km of motorways and expressways and over 2000 km of railway tracks.

Also, Silesia has Euroterminal, which serves traffic from China to Europe which is 9500 km long. Silesia is also home to Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice.

Between 2010 and 2020, the region of Silesia showed a GDP growth of 45%. There are 510 thousand enterprises in Silesia, and 10.6% of all Polish companies operate there.

Thanks to its innovative entrepreneurship strategy, Silesia is, among other things, entitled to be a European Entrepreneurial Region for the years 2021–2022. It also ranked among the top ten European regions in terms of attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) and cost-effectiveness according to fDi Intelligence for years 2022–2023.

Silesia can be considered a gateway to the European market. Among the largest investors in the area are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, France, the UK, and the USA. There are 2300 foreign companies in Silesia. It also offers high-quality management, employees with sought-after profiles, and an excellent academic and technological base.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone, which is situated there, covers the whole Silesian region and part of the Opole region. The presence of one of the best economic zones in the world implies the total value of investments amounts to almost EUR 10 billion. More than 90,000 employees and 540 companies from Europe, North America, and Asia work here. The economic zone offers certain benefits to investors, especially tax exemptions.

What’s more, Upper Silesia is the second largest warehouse clusters in Poland, with a total od 18% of logistics park located in that region, only by 1% lower than the biggest market of Warsaw (19%).  CTP has recognized the potential of this part of Poland and is carrying now three of its investments in Upper Silesia. These include CTPark Opole, CTPark Zabrze and CTPark Katowice.


Reasons to believe:


of Polish companies operate in this region


of Polish warehouse offer is located in Upper Silesia


GDP growth in Silesia in years 2010-2020

Available Space in Silesia

CTP ICon Katowice

Krakowska 173, Katowice, Poland

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
KAT1 Details41,100 m²41,100 m²built
KAT2 Details4,700 m²8,600 m²built

CTP ICon Zabrze

Salomona Isaaca 1, Zabrze, Poland

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ZAB3 Details37,800 m²37,800 m²built
ZAB5 Details18,990 m²18,990 m²built
ZAB4 Details13,150 m²13,150 m²Planned
ZAB2 Details10,000 m²10,000 m²Planned
ZAB1 Details6,600 m²10,000 m²built

CTP ICon Opole

Polnocna St., Opole, Poland

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
OPO1 Details10,000 m²32,740 m²built
OPO4 Details7,000 m²18,450 m²built

CTP ICon Gorzyce

Raciborska 100A, Gorzyce, Poland

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
GOR1​ Details36,813 m²36,813 m²Planned

Commercial Contact

Ivan Pastier

Park Address


Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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      Commercial Contact

      Ivan Pastier

      Park Address


      Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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