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Straddling the Danube river at the crossroads—quite literally—of the European continent, the Hungarian capital and its thriving economy are standouts in Europe’s centre-east. Budapest’s healthy economic activity and GDP, which have risen relatively steadily over the past decade, can be attributed in large part to the city’s advantageous geographic position. Three corridors in the Trans-European Transport Network cross through Budapest, and an intricate freight rail network connects the capital city to the rest of the country and to its neighbours north, south, east, and west.

Home to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest is a regional capital for research and technology. A highly educated workforce available at relatively inexpensive rates make the city a particularly attractive location for investors.

Hungary’s government has demonstrated significant interest in fostering the inflow of FDI, and the nation has plenty of cause to believe in its continued ability to attract major players. A long history in logistics, coupled with well-developed national infrastructure, facilitate movement throughout the country and in every direction beyond its borders. The nation also offers a fertile environment for business development with less bureaucratic red tape than its neighbours in Central Europe. Hungary has displayed some of the fastest economic growth in the EU, thanks in part to rising domestic demand.

The high demand for industrial space in and around Budapest has pushed the vacancy rate to an historic low of 2.4%. The CTPark network offers its clients A-Class industrial space in three strategically located parks: CTPark Budapest West, South, East and CTPark Vecsés. Each of these offers competitive proximity to vital transport links, and CTP has undertaken an ongoing expansion effort to accommodate rising demand.

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2019 Hungarian GDP growth rate


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Available Space in Budapest

CTP ICon Budapest East

Zöldmező utca, Üllő, Hungary

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ULL2 Details8,477 m²33,897 m²built

CTP ICon Budapest West

Verebély László utca 2., Biatorbágy, Hungary

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BIA 3 Details35,630 m²71,701 m²built
BIA 2C Details10,282 m²10,282 m²under construction
BIA 8 Details1,613 m²6,120 m²built

CTP ICon Budapest South

Gábor Áron u. 2731, Dunaharaszti, Hungary

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
DNH2 Details10,166 m²39,534 m²built

CTP ICon Budapest North

Nagytarcsa, Hungary, Hungary

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
NAT2 Details32,663 m²32,663 m²Planned
NAT1 Details30,336 m²30,336 m²Planned
NAT3 Details10,561 m²10,561 m²Planned

CTP ICon Budapest Ecser

, Ecser, Hungary

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ECS2 Details44,500 m²44,500 m²Planned
ECS1 Details33,250 m²39,108 m²built
ECS3 Details33,182 m²33,182 m²Planned
ECS4 Details2,970 m²2,970 m²built

Currently Unavailable Space in Budapest

CTP Icon Budapest Vecsés

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 772,020 ha


Commercial Contact

Ivan Pastier

Park Address


Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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      Commercial Contact

      Ivan Pastier

      Park Address


      Opletalova 87, 841 07 Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves Slovakia

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