The Top Ten Parks

Our Top 10 parks showcase our Parkmaker philosophy in action and form the heart of the CTPark Network. They are thriving business communities with a diverse mix of companies, community space, and onsite amenities.

The top 10 parks make up 37% GLA of our portfolio


The top 10 parks are home to 42% of our over 1,000 clients


The top 10 parks can still grow with over 1.5 million sqm development opportunity

1.5 Mil

The Western Gateway

Bucharest West

Ion Ratiu Street 5, Comuna Bolintin Deal, Judetul Giurgiu, Romania

CTPark Bucharest West is the largest industrial park in Europe. It consists of over 830,000 sqm of developed space and an additional 600,000 sqm ready for development. As a result, it provides companies with enough space to grow and expand their operations. Due to its excellent location, it has a reputation for being the ‘Western Gateway’. 

CTPark Bucharest West serves as a regional hub. It allows companies to deliver goods not only in Romania, but also in neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece. In addition to its strategic location, the park provides the highest quality of life for its tenants. Solar panels at Bucharest West keep energy costs and carbon footprints reduced. The park has the newest facilities and employs over 2,000 people. It is an ideal location for companies looking to tap into new markets and attract a talented and educated local workforce. 

One of the unique facilities found at CTPark Bucharest West is the Clubhaus. This is a high-tech and sustainable space that offers clients even more amenities and services. It has earned BREEAM Outstanding certification, demonstrating CTP’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. In addition to its impressive array of facilities, the Clubhaus serves as a platform for educational events. It has a multifunctional amphitheatre, meeting rooms, and relaxation spaces where clients can hold workshops and training courses. The park has pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure, making it easy to get around. Surrounded by lush vegetation, CTPark Bucharest West is the perfect place to work and play. 

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Gateway to CEE


Bor u Tachova, Bor u Tachova, Czech Republic

CTPark Bor is the largest industrial park in the Czech Republic, covering a total area of 134.56 hectares. It has excellent highway connectivity and is only 15 km away from the German border. This makes it the perfect location for manufacturers in the auto supply chain and e-commerce companies serving both the Czech and German markets. The park is home to more than 5,000 employees and will grow even further in the future. 

One of the key features of CTPark Bor is the presence of the first Clubhaus in the CTP Network. This includes a canteen, office, shop, medical care, and other facilities for employees. Also, on-site housing is available for employees who need it. It is also a great place to enjoy sports and community events on an annual basis. The centre of Bor is just 5 km away and offers many dining and shopping options for employees. 

The Plzeň region, where CTPark Bor is located, has a strong economy and is home to various industries. These include mechanical engineering, food processing, energy production and distribution, and metallurgy. The University of West Bohemia in Plzeň offers classes in the fields of machine and electrical engineering. This provides the region with a highly skilled workforce.  

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Last-Mile Logistics


Dragomirești-Vale, Bucharest, Romania

CTPark Bucharest is an ideal location for businesses looking for a modern and flexible work environment. The park is at Bucharest’s most important interchange. This provides excellent connectivity to the entire city via the ring road. The industrial park is in the western area of Bucharest, which is the most populated area of the city. All this makes it an attractive location for businesses. 

One of the standout features of CTPark Bucharest is its size. With a total area of 57.9 hectares, the park offers a generous amount of built-up area. It currently has more than 530,000 sqm available. This provides ample space for businesses of all sizes to operate and grow. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand or a larger company seeking a new location, CTPark Bucharest has you covered. 

The park has a range of facilities designed to make life easier for businesses and their employees. There’s a canteen on-site, as well as a doctor’s surgery, providing convenience and accessibility for employees. The park also includes a generous amount of green space. This makes CTPark Bucharest a great place for employees to take a break and relax during the workday. 

CTPark Bucharest is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a modern and flexible work environment in a convenient location. With its size, facilities, and excellent connectivity, the park has everything you need to grow your business and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. 

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Home for High-Tech Business


Tuřanka, Brno, Czech Republic

CTPark Brno is one of the biggest high-tech and innovation hubs in the Czech Republic. With a focus on technology and innovation, CTPark Brno has established itself as one of the largest high-tech and R&D hubs in the Czech Republic. The park boasts 31% dedicated R&D facilities, attracting top companies in the field. These include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Honeywell, and Garrett Motions. 

Besides R&D, CTPark Brno also boasts a rich diversity of other high-tech sectors. These sectors include manufacturing, E-commerce, food, and retail. This popular park is known for its top-notch brands and has a staff of around 10,000 workers. It is a thriving business environment for companies looking to grow and innovate. 

The park is easily accessible, located near both the airport and highway. Brno—the Czech Republic’s second-largest city—offers a prime location for doing business in the heart of Europe, with locations near Vienna, Prague and Budapest. CTPark Brno provides you with a skilled workforce, cutting-edge facilities, and a dynamic business environment. The region is also home to a large pool of professionals and students from top universities. This makes it easy to find qualified employees for your business.  

Overall, the Brno region is an attractive option for businesses looking to establish a presence in Europe. The combination of a talented workforce, research facilities, and access to regional and European markets make it the perfect technology hub. 

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Under Construction, M2


Manufacturing Magnet


Na Rovince 879, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ostrava —the Czech Republic’s third-largest city— is a great place for manufacturing businesses. CTPark Ostrava is well-connected to other cities like Prague and Brno. It also provides easy access to Slovakia, Austria, and Poland, making it the perfect hub. The park has a large variety of buildings that accommodate different types of businesses. 

The industrial park is only 10 km away from the city centre. It is a safe and secure place for companies to invest their resources. At CTPark Ostrava, a diverse group of businesses works together to achieve success. The park has a range of buildings for various functions. These include manufacturing, logistics, research and development, and back-office operations.

Ostrava is home to some excellent educational institutions. One of them is the Technical University of Ostrava. The institutions provide skilled and talented workers in the region. This makes the city an attractive location for businesses looking for a steady supply of skilled labour. 

It is worth mentioning that well-known companies, such as Brembo, Vitesco, ABB, & ITT have already established a presence at CTPark Ostrava. This shows that the park is a hub of cooperation and growth,

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Hungary's Manufacturing & Logistics Powerhouse

Budapest West

Verebély László utca 2., Biatorbágy, Hungary

CTPark Budapest West is a top-notch warehouse-distribution centre. It offers over 290,000 sqm of leasable area and is home to more than 30 companies. The industrial park is near the intersection of the M0 and M1 highways, 19 km from Budapest’s city centre. This makes it a key strategic location.  

This greenfield investment covers a large area of 76 hectares and has 202,000 sqm of floor space for businesses to use. The park is also planning to expand by almost 100,000 sqm, with over 60,000 sqm expected to be available by the end of 2024. 

The park is a great place for businesses to operate in Hungary and the Central and Eastern Europe region. It provides different services for different kinds of goods, including those that need to be kept at normal temperature, temperature-controlled, chilled, or frozen. Because of this, the park is a popular choice for both logistics service companies and manufacturing businesses. 

The park is designed to zip city logistics with big-box functions, making it the main hub of the Hungarian industrial market. In 2022, Hungary got its first Clubhaus in the largest building of the park, the BIA3-building. Additionally, the park offers local services, including a shopping centre, to further enhance its appeal. 

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Strategic Location for Manufacturing and Logistics

Budapest East

Zöldmező utca, Üllő, Hungary

CTPark Budapest East is a strategic business park in Üllő. It is 8 km from Budapest and 12 km from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The park is at the intersection of the M0 ring road and the M4 motorway. This also makes it easily accessible for businesses in need of convenient transportation. As the second-largest park in Hungary, it offers a vast amount of space for companies looking to grow and expand. 

The park features over 200,000 sqm of lettable space, with over 97% occupancy. The park supports a wide range of tenant activities, including logistics, distribution, and manufacturing. This makes CTPark Budapest East a diverse and dynamic community of businesses. The park’s biggest tenant is Lenovo, with over 48,000 sqm of leased warehouse space. 

CTPark Budapest East also has many convenient services and amenities. Hungary’s second Clubhaus will be built in the park, providing businesses with a place to relax, network, and socialize. The park also has local grocery stores, a fuel station, and public transport all within walking distance. Employees will have everything they need right at their fingertips.  

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Cross-Border Logistics and Manufacturing Hub


Evropská, Modřice, Brno, Czech Republic

CTPark Modřice is a premier business park located 5 km from the city of Brno on the main Brno-Vienna highway. As one of the oldest parks in the CTPark Network portfolio, it has a long history of success and is well-established in the local business community. The park is on the outskirts of the city, making it an ideal location for companies in the logistics and manufacturing industries. With direct road connections and an on-site bus connection, it is well-connected to the city centre and has easy access to Brno’s educated labour pool. 

At CTPark Modřice, you’ll find a big diversity of tenants. They represent a wide range of industries. From high-tech manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, as well as local and international logistics providers. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, you’ll find a footprint that fits your needs. The park has spaces ranging from 1,000 sqm to 20,000 sqm. With a proven track record of success, CTPark Modřice is a great choice for businesses looking to grow and thrive. 

CTPark Modřice also offers many amenities and services to make doing business easier. The public transit makes it easy for employees to get to and from work. With over 2,200 people working in the park for companies like Inventec, GefCo, Quehenberger, DHL, IMI Norgren, and IFE, you’ll be in good company. And, with its proximity to the D1 motorway, you’ll enjoy quick and convenient access to the rest of the country and beyond. 

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Under Construction, M2


E-Commerce Destination

Bucharest North

Stefanestii de Jos, Afumați, Romania

CTPark Bucharest North is a modern business park located in the Stefanesti-Afumati area in the north of Bucharest, which is an established logistics hub. The park is on the northern Bucharest ring road, near the A3 motorway and National Road 2 (DN2). These provide easy access to the entire city. The park’s location is also an advantage for businesses as it offers access to a skilled local workforce. Also, the proximity to the city is attractive for e-commerce firms. 

The park offers flexible options for medium and long-term leases. Businesses can choose from a range of sizes, from 500 sqm in the new CTFlex buildings, up to 40 ,000 sqm in the large-scale CTSpace facilities. The park is built to BREEAM standards to ensure high standards for accessibility and infrastructure. This makes it an excellent location for any type of business, such as e-commerce, production, cold storage, and more. 

The park offers a range of amenities. These include access to human resources and excellent transportation links. CTPark Bucharest North is ideal for companies looking for modern and flexible work environments. The park provides businesses with the space and facilities they need to grow and develop. 

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The Hub for CEE Logistics


Prilohy, Zavar, Trnava, Slovakia

CTPark Trnava is a great place for companies that want to set up their business in western Slovakia. The park is especially good for businesses in the automotive and logistics industries, as it is located 5 km from the centre of Trnava and right next to the Stellantis production facility, making it the perfect spot. CTPark Trnava is also only 50 km away from the capital city, Bratislava, making it even more appealing.

One of the key advantages of CTPark Trnava is its accessibility. It is at the intersection of the D1 and R1 motorways. This provides easy access to neighbouring markets such as Austria and Hungary to the west, and the Czech Republic and Poland to the north.< Another important factor for CTPark Trnava is its proximity to universities and a large local workforce. This makes it easy for businesses to find and hire skilled employees. Its location and the thriving economy in Western Slovakia make it an attractive option for foreign investment.

The area around Trnava is full of history and beautiful scenery, and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. All this makes CTPark Trnava excellent for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Western Slovakia region.

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