Charting New Territories: NIO’s European Journey 

In the world of premium smart electric vehicles, one company has carved out a distinctive path. NIO, recognized globally for its innovative approach and pioneering solutions, envisioned an ambitious goal: establishing a robust presence in Europe. However, this was not merely a desire for expansion—it was a pursuit characterized by precision and unyielding standards.

Type of Space Production
Total Area 9 959
Special Needs 10T & 5T cranes

In the spring of 2022, NIO found itself facing an important decision. They needed a 10,000 square meter space to house their first European power swap station manufacturing facility. The requirements were precise: a rapid project timeline, a strategic location, an efficient transport network, and access to both a skilled workforce and a robust supplier base. Above all, they required access to educational and research resources to foster their pioneering solutions, such as Battery as a Service (BaaS) and Autonomous Driving as a Service (ADaaS).

A Turning Point 

From its comprehensive portfolio, CTP offered a building at CTPark Budapest West. This 9959 sqm industrial hall, featuring a 589 sqm office, sanitary area, and dedicated parking, felt like a tailor-made answer to NIO’s needs. It was not only equipped with 10T and 5T cranes — an exclusive offering in the market — but also strategically placed, offering NIO a gateway to the European markets. 

Recognizing and respecting NIO’s ambitious vision and tight project timeline was essential to reframing their complex needs into a workable blueprint. The search began in March, and by July, the operations were up and running, achieving full operational status by August. 

Driving the Future Forward 

NIO didn’t just find a building; they found a strategic partner. CTP facilitated access to a skilled workforce, an established supplier network, and the resources needed for research and development, all fundamental to NIO’s future growth. The option to expand in the future was another strategic advantage, essential for an ambitious company like NIO. 

Today, NIO continues to advance, with plans for a custom office renovation, a European Training Centre, a showroom, a European R&D Centre, and production expansion. In CTP, they found more than just a space—they found a partner to help steer their European journey. 

NIO Innovative Electric Vehicles
NIO Precision and Unyielding Standards
NIO Strategic Location and Access
NIO Educational and Research Resources
NIO Rapid Project Execution
NIO Exclusive Crane Equipment
NIO Skilled Workforce Access
NIO Expansion Options

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