Tech Hub Triumph: Acer’s Success Story at CTPark Brno

In 2005, Global computer and electronics major Acer chose a CTFlex unit at CTPark Brno to serve as its regional customer service and repair hub. In 2014, Acer extended its lease for an additional ten years, based on the success of its operations.


Industry IT
Total Area 2,739 sqm

When Acer was looking to establish a regional customer service and repair hub to service customers in Central Europe back in 2005, the company needed a central and easily accessible location with a strong pool of educated people and close access to air transport.

Brno met all the company’s requirements. Within Brno, Acer was seeking a central, easily accessible location and a flexible facility to accommodate their multi-lingual customer support staff and skilled repair technicians under one roof. A custom-fit CTFIex unit at CTPark Brno was the solution. In the ensuing decade, Acer’s operations at CTPark have not only grown, but have also evolved with changes to technologies and the company’s product line. Acer is today a well-established player in CEE consumer markets, and the majority of customer service and repair work is handled at the company’s CTFlex unit at CTPark Brno.

Based on its success and good working relationship with CTP, the company in 2014 extended the lease on its 2,739 m2 CTFlex unit for an additional ten years. On the shop floor, Acer technicians repair a vast array of Acer products including desktops, laptops and tablets. Customer support services the Czech, Polish and Hungarian markets directly and coordinates independent service partners in other regional countries, including Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria and Romania. Acer’s international customer service centre is also evolving rapidly with the fast pace of technological change and consumer requirements.

Acer’s Continued Growth in Consumer Markets

Increasingly, the company is handling repair requests on-line, in addition to its traditional call centre. Brno’s large population of university students and graduates is good base for recruiting not only skilled technicians but also customer support staff fluent in other languages. Consumer expectations demand a fast turnaround time for repairs. Acer’s Brno repair hub prides itself on turning around most repairs within three days. Location near Brno’s international airport is one of the key benefits of the company’s location at CTPark Brno. Another main benefit for Acer is the flexibility of its CTFlex unit.

The company’s product line changes quarterly, and there are also changes to the volumes of different types of products that come in for repair. Therefore, the ability to adapt its repair centre to meet changing needs is essential.

Global Computer and Electronics Major
Establishment of Regional Service Hub
Central and Easily Accessible Location
Strong Pool of Educated People
Close Access to Air Transport
Long-Term Success and Expansion
Wide Range of Repaired Products

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