Navigating New Horizons: How CTP Enabled Topband’s European Expansion 

Topband Smart Europe, a leading Chinese manufacturer of controllers for power tools, home appliances, and BMS, had a clear goal: establish a strong foothold in Europe. To bring this vision to life, Topband required more than just a partner – they needed a collaborator who could provide strategic solutions and shared their unique vision. The visions came together in an 11,000 sqm production space in CTPark Timişoara, owned by CTP, Europe’s largest developer, owner, and manager of industrial and logistics properties.

Requirements for the Perfect Production Space

Topband Smart Europe entered the Romanian market in 2021 with ambitious plans for growth in the European market. To realize their vision, Topband needed a reliable and adaptable partner who could provide them with a world-class production facility tailored to their specific needs. Key challenges included:


  1. Finding the right location with proximity to European markets.
  2. Accommodating the expansion requirements driven by Topband’s growing customer base.
  3. Ensuring cost-effectiveness, agility, and efficiency in their European operations.
  4. Establishing a seamless and responsive supply chain for home appliances, power tools, and new energy industries.


Type of Space Production
Total Area 11,000 sqm
Special Needs Scalability

CTP’s Unique Solutions at CTPark Timişoara

CTP understood that Topband needed more than just a warehouse. They needed a strategic ally who could offer tailor-made solutions. CTPark Timişoara’s strategic location, just 6 km from Timişoara International Airport and 1 km from the A1 Highway, provided Topband with the perfect distribution and logistics hub for European operations. This proximity to key transportation hubs ensured efficient connectivity and access to European markets. CTP leased an 11,000 sqm production space to Topband, providing ample room for expansion as their business grew. This scalability was a crucial factor in accommodating the increasing demands of Topband’s European customers.

Furthermore, CTP’s decision to accommodate its business park in Timişoara reflected the growing trend of nearshoring, aligning with Topband’s strategy to move production closer to its European customer base. The nearshoring benefits of a strong manufacturing base, skilled labour, competitive labour costs, and market connectivity were all integral to Topband’s success. CTP’s commitment to customer-centric services ensured Topband received agile, efficient, and nearby support, which was critical in meeting the demands of home appliances, power tools, and new energy industries, allowing Topband to provide superior service to its European clientele.

In the words of Shengxiang Ye, General Manager at Topband Smart Europe: “Aligned with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, our Europe factory reflects Topband’s commitment to international collaboration, engaging with over ten global customers in home appliances and power tools. Progressing through various stages, Topband solidifies its global presence, navigating the digital, intelligent, and IoT era to create an intelligent and low-carbon world.” With CTPark Timişoara’s strategic location for nearshoring, Topband’s journey to success in the European market is marked by a strategic vision and a dedication to excellence.

Cultivating Global Success in Timişoara

Topband Smart Europe’s partnership with CTP in CTPark Timişoara has yielded impressive results. The factory in Timişoara has already established cooperation intentions with over ten international customers in the home appliance and power tool industries. This growing network of international partnerships demonstrates the factory’s significance in serving global markets.

Furthermore, Topband is set to invest around 30 million USD in the factory’s future, not only contributing positively to the local community but also playing a significant role in Topband’s ongoing global expansion efforts. As Topband continues to strengthen its foothold in the European market, it’s clear that the Timişoara factory is a crucial part of their strategy.

In addition to its economic impact, Topband’s presence in Timişoara is solidifying its global footprint and aligning with the company’s vision of navigating the digital, intelligent, and IoT era. Through innovation and forward-thinking, Topband aims to create a more intelligent and low-carbon world, making it a leader in sustainable manufacturing.

Timişoara’s growth as a smart workforce manufacturing destination is further reinforced by Topband’s strategic decision to build its production space in CTPark Timişoara. This partnership not only benefits Topband but also contributes to the city’s reputation as a hub for cutting-edge manufacturing and global collaboration.

CTP and Topband Smart Europe: A Powerful Partnership

The partnership between Topband Smart Europe and CTP in CTPark Timişoara has demonstrated the power of collaboration and tailored solutions. CTP’s unique offerings, strategic location, scalability, and customer-centric approach have significantly contributed to Topband’s success in the European market. As Topband continues to expand its footprint and deliver innovative solutions, the synergy between Topband and CTP stands as a testament to the possibilities of strategic partnerships in a rapidly evolving global business landscape.

Strategic European Expansion
Tailor-Made Production Space
Proximity to European Markets
Scalability and Expansion
Nearshoring Benefits
Customer-Centric Support
Sustainable Manufacturing and Innovation

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