Broadening Horizons: Milšped and CTP’s Successful Partnership

Established in the Western Balkans, Milšped Group stands as a leading figure in the logistics industry. The company partnered with CTP at the end of 2021, leading to an advantageous collaboration that allowed Milšped to expand its operations and serve a broader clientele from CTP’s strategically located facilities in Belgrade North, Belgrade West, and Novi Sad East.

Type of Space Warehouse
Total Area 41,000 sqm

Before this collaboration, Milšped primarily operated its logistics services from its own-built industrial sites in Krnjesevci. However, to meet the distinct needs of their clients, Milšped needed to stretch its operational boundaries. By stepping into a 20,000 sqm space in CTPark Belgrade North in 2021, an additional 15,000 sqm in Belgrade West in 2022, and further extending to a 6,000 sqm facility in Novi Sad East in 2023, Milšped expanded its network significantly.

Special requirements

This expansion has enabled Milšped to efficiently provide a wide array of services, including full-truck load, groupage, customs clearance services, and third-party logistics (3PL) services. By being in the right place at the right time, they could offer 3PL services to prestigious clients like the American company Ball Packaging from their facility in CTPark Belgrade West and will soon serve the Chocolate factory Barry Callebaut from their new space in Novi Sad East.

Furthermore, being a part of the CTPark ecosystem has led to potential collaborations, like the ongoing negotiations with Lianbo, a Chinese automotive producer, to provide 3PL services in CTPark Novi Sad East. The successful partnership between CTP and Milšped is a testament to how strategic location selection and the right amount of space can significantly enhance a company’s ability to reach new markets and serve an increasingly diverse client base.

Expansion Across Multiple Facilities
Diverse Logistics Services
Partnerships with Prestigious Clients
Potential Collaborations
Enhanced Market Reach

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