Empowering Growth: Quehenberger Logistics Thrives with CTP

Global logistics company Quehenberger Logistics sought to enhance their operational capabilities through a significant expansion. The goal was to find a space that would not only accommodate their growth but also provide the potential for future scalability. A new building at CTPark Budapest West emerged as the ideal location, expanding their logistical operations at the park from 6,000 sqm to 11,000 sqm.

Type of Space Warehouse
Total Area 11,000 sqm
Special Needs Accessible location with option for expansion

An Evolving Presence in Central Eastern Europe

Quehenberger’s expansion wasn’t an isolated event. The company already holds a robust presence in multiple locations throughout Central Eastern Europe (CEE), including Hungary. The addition of the expansive space in Budapest West strengthens their already vast footprint across the CTPark Network. This wide-scale presence underscores the firm’s commitment to growth and the flourishing relationship with CTP.

Building a strong tenant-provider connection, Quehenberger and CTP have formed a strategic partnership based on mutual understanding and shared ambitions. Recognizing CTP’s profound grasp of their business operations has played a key role in Quehenberger’s decision to extend their reach within CTP’s assets. This collaborative partnership, characterized by strategic cooperation and adaptability, supports Quehenberger’s expectations of a lasting, fruitful relationship with CTP.

Quehenberger’s continuous expansion within the CTPark Network substantiates the effectiveness of a tenant-centric approach. The expansion can be recognized as both a testament to the quality of CTPark Budapest West and an endorsement of the increasing demand for logistic spaces in the CEE.

Fostering Long-term Growth

Strategically positioned just 19 km from the Budapest city centre, CTPark Budapest West facilitates Quehenberger’s access to key markets. By understanding and aligning with Quehenberger’s needs, we have successfully fostered a partnership that will drive sustained growth, optimize logistic processes, and expedite the realization of Quehenberger’s business objectives. This strategic expansion is not merely a physical move but a shared commitment to a relationship poised for enduring success.

Strategic Expansion at CTPark Budapest West
Robust Presence in CEE
Long-term Partnership with CTP
Strategic Location for Market Access
Commitment to Long-term Growth

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