Cold Storage Solutions at CTP: Fresh Products from Rohlík Group

The Rohlík Group, operating as Rohlík in the Czech Republic and Sezamo in Romania, is committed to delivering a variety of fresh and quality products to consumers. A crucial aspect of ensuring the freshness of their products is precise temperature control during storage. At their dedicated facilities within CTParks in both countries, CTP has crafted cold storage solutions that are both efficient and environmentally responsible, ensuring each product retains its quality before reaching the consumer. This collaboration encapsulates a shared vision of quality and sustainability between the Rohlík Group and CTP.

Industry E-grocery retailer
Type of Space Warehouse
Special Needs Refrigerated storage space

Starting off the process, the Rohlík Group shared their specific needs for refrigerated storage. CTP took these details and created a proposal that matched these needs. Once Rohlík Group gave the go-ahead, the construction phase could begin. The result was a cold storage facility built to fit Rohlík Group’s operational needs, turning the initial vision shared by the client into reality.

Within their facility at CTPark Brno Líšeň, Rohlík has currently allocated about a third of the space to refrigeration and freezing facilities. This allocation underlines the critical role of cold storage in their operations, housing a vast array of products that require specific temperature-controlled environments.

Temperature zoning at Sezamo

In Romania, the facilities of Sezamo are segmented into seven distinct temperature zones. This includes six refrigerated areas and one freezer, ensuring a total refrigerated area of 3,108 square meters. This division caters to the various temperature requirements of different products, ranging from meats, dairy, to fruits and vegetables, meticulously maintaining the freshness and quality of the products housed.

The refrigeration setup is designed with two installations capable of operating together or separately. This design helps prevent any disruptions; if one installation needs fixing or has a problem, the other can keep things running. This is especially helpful during the warm summer months. Also, by keeping the storage area cool even when one installation is not working, this setup saves the energy that would be needed to cool down the space again, which helps in lowering energy costs.

Eco-friendly refrigeration with R744 (CO2)

The thoughtful design doesn’t stop there. Another stride towards reducing energy costs in the refrigerated areas is the adoption of the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2), recognized for its minimal impact on global warming. This environmentally sound choice aligns with the industry’s move towards reducing carbon emissions, demonstrating a shared commitment to environmental responsibility between CTP and our clients.

Building on this foundation, the refrigeration setup also brings in some top-notch equipment to the table. It incorporates racks from Enex Italy, Dorin Compressors, and evaporators from LuVe Italy, which are key in maintaining the desired cool temperatures. Particularly, these evaporators come with an electrical defrost feature. However, air defrost is the go-to choice most of the time, further contributing to operational efficiency. This equipment selection not only aligns with the overall goal of energy-saving but also ensures the refrigeration system operates smoothly, keeping Rohlík and Sezamo’s products fresh and ready for their journey to consumers.

Extending dustomized refrigeration across CTPark Network

The customized refrigeration facilities extend beyond Rohlík and Sezamo within the CTPark Network. Other tenants like supermarket chain Billa, Phoenix, which does medical warehousing, and Česká lékárna holding, which handles refrigerated pharmaceuticals, also have cold storage solutions made to fit their needs. This shows CTP’s ability to handle a wide range of refrigeration needs for different types of businesses.

The tailored cold storage facilities for Rohlík and Sezamo show CTP’s skill in creating reliable and efficient solutions. By considering the environment, using solid technical equipment, and focusing on what the client needs, CTP continues to meet the various cold storage needs of our clients. This way we ensure seamless operation and product preservation.

Efficient Cold Storage Solutions
Tailored to Specific Needs
Multi-Temperature Zones
Environmentally Responsible Refrigerant (R744/CO2)
High-Quality Equipment
Energy-Efficient Design
Diverse Range of Clients
Reliability and Efficiency

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