Diehl Controls chooses to open third location in Europe in Romania, with good reason

75 years young, Diehl Controls is a worldwide leading supplier in the hightech HVAC/R and appliance industry. They produce an impressive 50 million electronics annually across three continents — Europe, Asia, and North America.  In Europe, they have locations in Germany and Poland. Recently they decided to expand and they decided to make their third location in Romania in Brașov with CTP. Since we’ve operated in the region, and CEE at large, for sometime – our team was able to advise them which location could help their business and their goals. 

This region offers a lot more in addition competitive operational and labour costs. With nearly a quarter of a million inhabitants, Brașov is the 6th most populous city in Romania. Romania, after Germany then Serbia, has the highest share of STEM graduates in Europe. Let us remind you that Romania is a growing economy with talent chopping at the bit for opportunities. Brașov sits about 200 km north of the capital, with motorway connecting neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. 


Industry Manufacturing
Type of Space Production
Total Area 10,650 sqm
Special Needs Skilled Labour Force

Learn more about the business and macro-economic context in our paper: “CEE: The Made In Europe Hotspot for Global Business”

Diehl told us what they needed and we’re rolling it out: top-grade, versatile production space, built-to-suit. In addition to this facility, Diehl (and the park’s other clients) will enjoy public transport access, solar panel-ready roof tops, water recycling and EV charging among other features to help optimise operations and meet ESG targets.



But, what about the workforce? After all, you can have a state-of-the-art warehouse but without people, it’s not worth much. Thanks to this location and partners in the region, once the park is completed, Diehl could employ up to 600 people at this location after the planned ramp-up phase.

Dirk Fricke, Diehl Controls COO – “Besides providing us with a top-quality real estate solution, CTP was very instrumental in advising us about the region, how our business could connect with its potential and their contracts on the ground. As newcomers to the area, this was essential. Now, we’re thrilled to be connected and grow with the region.”


Solar Ready Roof-Tops
Public Transport Access
EV Charging
Local Cooperation & Partnerships
Skilled Workforce

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