From logistics area to industrial innovation: Lenovo’s high-tech hub at CTPark Budapest East

The Lenovo facility at CTPark Budapest East has set a new standard in Hungary’s tech sector. In response to Lenovo’s specific requirements, CTP transformed an industrial space into a hub of innovation and high-tech production. This expansive 50,000 square meter site is a beehive of activity, housing 1,300 specialists. Its core operations are the production of desktops, workstations, and server infrastructure, complemented by an advanced innovation centre.

Industry High-tech manufacturing
Type of Space Production
Total Area 50,000
Special Needs Customized clean room facilities

Hungary, and more precisely CTPark Budapest East in Üllő, emerged as the prime choice for Lenovo’s establishment in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. This decision was shaped by several key factors: the availability of a skilled local workforce, the location’s close proximity to Budapest and the airport, and the strategic importance of the area. Lenovo’s choice was further reinforced by its longstanding and mutually rewarding partnership with CTP, underlining the strategic thought behind selecting Üllő as the ideal location.

Cutting-edge innovation and server hub

One of the key features at Lenovo’s innovation centre is the server park, providing their partners with an exclusive platform to test their applications on servers located at Üllő, enhanced with advanced remote access technology. Since opening, the facility has produced over a million products, reflecting its success in driving technological innovation and collaboration.

Commitment to green practices

In line with its commitment to eco-friendly practices, Lenovo demonstrates its green initiative with the current generation of 0.57 MW of solar power at the site. Moreover, there’s a planned expansion to increase this capacity to 3.57 MW by the second quarter of 2024. This proactive approach not only enables the facility to operate with zero carbon emissions but also ensures its complete independence from gas. This reflects Lenovo’s strong dedication to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

At the request of Lenovo, CTP has developed the facility’s advanced clean rooms with a keen focus on precise temperature and humidity control. This customisation is vital for maintaining the perfect environment for Lenovo’s innovation and research pursuits. The attention to detail in these clean rooms is a testament to CTP’s commitment to fulfilling Lenovo’s specifications, ensuring ideal conditions for the development and advancement of groundbreaking technologies.

Rapid development journey

The development of the facility from its initial groundwork to full operational status has been both rapid and smoothly managed. Beginning in August 2020, the project moved forward at an impressive pace, achieving complete operational capability in just ten months by June 2021. This brisk and efficient progression exemplifies the strong planning and dedication behind the project.

Lenovo’s venture into CTPark Budapest East stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and the pursuit of sustainable growth. As Lenovo broadens its international footprint, the Üllő site represents a beacon of innovation and collaborative success in Central-Eastern Europe. Benefiting from Hungary’s favourable location and conducive business environment, the region is increasingly attracting global investors, establishing itself as a hub for development and opportunities. This thriving partnership has propelled Lenovo’s business growth and significantly contributed to the economic advancement of the surrounding community.

Cutting-edge technological innovation
Prime location
Accessible workforce
Server park for testing
Commitment to environmental sustainability
Customized clean room facilities
Efficient project development timeline
Economic contribution to the region
Strategic partnership with CTP

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