TEQBALL Kft’s game-changing move: unifying operations at CTPark Budapest West

Ever since Teqball was invented in Hungary about a decade ago, the sport has grown in popularity, leading to remarkable growth for sport manufacturing company TEQBALL Kft. The Hungarian based company with rapid growing nearshore development eventually outgrew their old location and needed a spacious and modern building. CTPark Budapest West offered them the perfect solution. With clear communication, quick response times, and a unique understanding of TEQBALL Kft’s needs, CTP helped the sport manufacturing company achieve their goals.

Type of Space Production
Total Area 10,650 sqm
Special Needs flexible long-term agreement with potential for expansion

As the popularity of Teqball expanded worldwide, TEQBALL Kft required a larger, more efficient space to optimize their logistics. Their search was defined by specific criteria: a modern, consolidated facility that offered a flexible long-term agreement, potential for expansion, and effective operational costs. In CTPark Budapest West, these requirements were met, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, strategic location, and management style.

All operations under one roof

TEQBALL Kft’s move to CTPark Budapest West brought transformative results. The 10,650 sqm CTSpace building was tailored to their exact specifications, providing a conducive environment for efficient logistics and streamlined operations. This move unified their operations under one roof, resulting in significant cost savings.

The impact of TEQBALL Kft’s move was notable. Consolidating their logistics into a single, modern location facilitated smoother operations and yielded higher efficiency. Moreover, the new facility’s prime location near Budapest’s universities attracted top talent, driving continuous growth. Additionally, CTPark’s Clubhaus, offering a range of amenities such as restaurants, cafés, conference rooms and shops, further enhanced their attractiveness as an employer.

Flexibility and potential for expansion

The long-term agreement with CTP, accompanied by a break option, offered TEQBALL Kft the desired flexibility, while the promise of future expansion supported their growth objectives. Within a mere two years, the company expanded their leased footprint at CTPark Budapest West by another 4,050 sqm, bringing their total occupancy to 14,700 sqm. With their focus on nearshoring, the company can use the extra space to enhance their production capacity near their Western European distribution markets.

At CTPark Budapest West, TEQBALL Kft found more than just a site for operations; they found a launchpad for productivity and advancement. The park’s top-tier amenities and well-situated position significantly amplified TEQBALL Kft’s operational efficiency, illustrating how the right environment can truly amplify business performance. To symbolize the strong bond between the company and the park, a Teqball table has been uniquely designed, adorned with CTP logos. This table is set to become a standout feature in the CTP HQ Garden, enriching the Clubhaus at CTPark Budapest West.

Sporting Innovation
Customized and Modern Facility
Strategic Location near Border
Flexible Long-Term Agreement
Expansion Opportunities
Top-Tier Amenities and Clubhaus
Strong Business-Environment Synergy
Unique Teqball Table Design

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