Dr.Max’s Strategic Expansion: Navigating Growth with CTP

In the world of business, strategic growth is not a dream; it’s a well-executed plan. Dr.Max, a prominent Czech pharmacy chain, has embarked on precisely such a journey within the robust framework of the CTPark Network across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This case study sheds light on their remarkable expansion story, showcasing how the collaboration with CTP has been instrumental in making their growth plans a resounding success.


Type of Space Production
Total Area 27,000
Special Needs Energy-efficient logistics properties

Dr.Max’s partnership with CTP unfolded in the early months of 2023 when it committed to leases totaling 27,000 sqm at two strategic CTParks in the Czech Republic. A 20-year lease secured them 15,800 sqm at CTPark Brno Lisen in the southern reaches of the country, where they also envision a community pharmacy to serve the park’s businesses. In addition, they signed for 11,300 sqm at CTPark Ostrava Poruba in the eastern part of the Czech Republic for a five-year term.

Partners in Growth

Dr.Max, with a presence spanning the CEE region and Italy, stands as a testament to the CEE’s flourishing economy and the growing middle class. The company’s growth story mirrors our recent research findings, underscoring the CEE’s economic resilience and robust GDP growth.

“The CEE’s strong economic backdrop has supported the expansion of our business, and we believe it will continue to do so for many years to come,” says Jan Žák, CEO of Dr.Max for the Czech Republic. He values CTP’s commitment to constructing energy-efficient logistics properties tailored to their unique needs. “We are already tenants at three CTParks in Romania, where we occupy almost 50,000 sqm of space,” Jan adds, highlighting the long-lasting relationship built on understanding business needs and growing together.

Nearshoring in CEE

The Czech Republic and the broader CEE region have become magnets for international businesses, drawn by the “nearshoring” trend that is driven by supply chain concerns stemming from the pandemic and shifting geopolitical landscapes. This surge in local production aligns seamlessly with a recent survey by MAERSK, ranking the Czech Republic as a global top-10 hotspot for nearshoring.

While Dr.Max continues to grow and adapt to the evolving pharmaceutical landscape, their partnership with us remains steadfast. This journey is not just about expanding physical space; it’s a testament to the resilience and potential of the CEE region, where companies like Dr.Max find fertile ground to flourish.

Strategic Growth Plan with CTP
Successful Expansion Story
Long-Term Commitment
Nearshoring in CEE
Economic Resilience
Robust GDP Growth
Unique Business Needs Met
Global Top-10 Hotspot

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