Cool Solutions: HAVI Logistics’ tailored infrastructure at CTPark Trnava

The dynamic world of logistics often presents significant challenges. For HAVI Logistics, a global company for transporting and managing refrigerated and frozen goods, their challenge was a familiar one — overcoming outdated facilities that hindered both efficiency and sustainability. Enter CTP and their timely solution, a CTFit building in CTPark Trnava.

Type of Space Warehouse
Total Area 8,455 sqm
Special Needs Diverse temperature zones

Not too long ago, HAVI Logistics was working from an old and inefficient facility. The outdated cooling system not only posed challenges in maintaining optimal temperatures for their goods but also resulted in increased energy consumption and costs. Furthermore, the layout of the building proved to be ineffective for their operations, hampering efficiency and productivity.

All in all, the building was lacking in energy efficiency, sustainable practices, and state-of-the-art amenities for their employees. HAVI was faced with a pressing need to modernize their logistics facilities. The answer to their predicament was found in CTPark Trnava.

An Integrated Solution

Moving to a new facility is a significant step, requiring expertise and support from a trusted partner. CTP provided that and more, working in tandem with HAVI Logistics to understand their specific requirements and present custom solutions. The collaboration unfolded through various technical workshops, culminating in a tailored solution that significantly increased their operational efficiency.

Transitioning to an 8649 sqm building in 2022, HAVI Logistics could effectively streamline their operations. Their new building offers significantly improved efficiency and sustainability. The cooling technology employed is based on CO2, which is known for its environmentally friendly characteristics. This shift to CO2-based cooling technology aligns with HAVI’s commitment to adopting greener practices and reducing their environmental impact.

The new site incorporates a 1390 sqm freezer section that strictly maintains temperatures between –20 and –25 degrees Celsius, a 1382 sqm cooler area between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius, and an ambient warehouse. From this facility, the company serves the regions of Slovakia and eastern Czech Republic, with McDonald’s and BMW petrol stations as its primary clients.

Strategic Advantages

Beyond the logistical operations, CTPark Trnava offered HAVI an array of benefits. Its strategic location with excellent highway connection provides seamless access to major transportation routes. The park also offers the advantage of a readily available workforce; the surrounding area provides a pool of skilled workers, ensuring that the company has access to the necessary talent to support their operations. The park aligns perfectly with HAVI’s needs in logistics and availability of skilled labour, facilitating efficient and smooth operations for their business.

Today, HAVI’s operations at CTPark Trnava serve as more than a logistics hub for refrigerated and frozen goods. They symbolise HAVI’s commitment to client service, sustainability, and continual growth. In partnership with CTP, HAVI is well on its way to establishing a more sustainable and efficient future.

Efficient and Sustainable Solution
Tailored Fit-out
Environmentally Friendly Cooling Technology
Diverse Temperature Zones
Highway Access
Skilled Workforce

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