Group (Co) Head of Legal – HR/Finance/Corporate


Purpose of the Role and Key Responsibilities

The Group Head of Legal HR/Finance/Corporate (HLHFC) is a new role, bringing all group legal roles related to
HR, Funding and Corporate Finance together under one leadership, operating next to the Head of Legal for
M&A and Transactions. Besides this, the HLHFC has a supportive role towards the country legal positions
involved in related areas. This refers to process development and guidance, risk management, training and
development of the country legal capacity and personal involvement in significant contracts and negotiation.

The function reports to the CEO and works closely with CFO and COO, respectively on corporate structuring
and funding, and on HR.

Increasing complexity, scale of business, more internationalization and a wider scope of activity requires legal
control and activity, both on group level and country level, to be better coordinated and secured, to minimize
risk and maximize the implementation of coordinated processes and sharing of best practices. The role is set
up to avoid legal matters of importance are not being monitored centrally and risk evaluation is not performed
properly. This structure also provides for better governance, and independent judgement.

In particular this involves following tasks:

  • Oversee funding (IPO, Bonds, JV), divestments, and financing legal activity and contract management
  • Supervision and agreement before executive signing on related group NDA, LOI, DD and final
    agreements, according to pre-set levels of authority and power of attorneys
  • Oversee legal aspects of group restructuring, mergers and demergers, spin-offs and compliance with
    corporate governance, in close corporation with Corporate Secretary
  • Oversee HR legal activity and contract management
  • Ensure Contract Database and Document system is secured
  • Lead or contribute to major negotiations in selected deals or areas, according to pre-set standards of
    involvement and approvals
  • Develop, improve and implement processes and standards and contract templates for country legal
    and business functions for all contract negotiations regarding HR, Service Providers, and others
  • Develop, maintain and implement a roster of legal service providers
  • Lead, manage or coordinate dispute resolution, settlements or mitigation
  • Act as a legal advisor to the board when required
  • Supervise non core business related contracts such as aviation, charity, others
  • Develop and implement a legal onboarding procedure for relation group and central legal functions
  • Develop a roster of internal and external stakeholders
  • Oversee legal aspects related to GDPR in close cooperation with Compliance

Key Succes Factors

The succesful candidate is able to build an integrated legal department, ensuring maximum service levels
of legal functons to internal and external stakeholders. It is vital to develop standardized processes for all
legal affairs, ensuring we benefit from learnings and best practices and facilitate speed and accuracy of doing
business. Success is largely depending on the ability to minimize litigation, conflict and damages and maximize
the efficiency and positive business impact of negotiations. Being a stock listed company, compliance,
stakeholder relationships and practicing good governance have become increasingly important. Managing this
pro-actively, and ensuring this is embedded in our daily work, both on country and central level, is a key
deliverable for this role. The role requires a pro-active, hands-on, commercially sensititive and slution driven

Internal and External Contacts
Internal; executive management, country management, legal functions, departmental heads, IR, HR,
compliance, corporate secretary
External; law firms, executive search and recruitment agencies, stakeholders, financial community, NGOs,
Charity, Service providers

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