Under the Lens: Leasing vs. Owning with Ivan Pastier

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Reasons why businesses are opting to lease in today’s landscape 


As businesses expand, they are bound to come to a junction: should they build to own or lease their business property? While both options have their pros and cons, more businesses are choosing to lease rather than own in today’s landscape due to high construction costs, lengthy permitting processes, market volatility, and the flexibility required to adapt to evolving supply chains and consumer trends. Ivan Pastier, Business Development Director of CTP Slovakia, walks us through the reasons why businesses are choosing to take the lease route.   

Land ownership in CEE often tends to be fragmented, making the first step—buying a plot of land—complicated by many stakeholders. Then there is the development process, from permitting to construction, which is timely and complicated—especially if your business is new to the region and unfamiliar with local contractors and local authorities. This creates space for more potential risk and delay.   

From a financial standpoint, there are higher upfront costs, and your capital is tied up, hindering your business’s flexibility and ability to react. Leasing allows you to stay focused on your core business.   

If you take the leasing route, you can move in right away or have your built-to-suit facility delivered on time by specialised professionals because they know their business and they know their region. There are lower maintenance costs and risks because you don’t own it; if anything goes wrong, you just talk to your landlord. And, if you need to scale or pivot your business in any way, you have the agility to do so.

CTP has the optimal property solution for your business needs. Whether you want a ready to move-in solution or a custom build, we ensure fast delivery. We have a growing portfolio of 12.0 million square metres of built up GLA and 23.1 million square metres of strategically located landbank near urban hubs and transport nodes, with permits in place and experienced teams on the ground Our in-house professionals cover the full A-to-Z development process for you—from design to permitting and from construction to helping you meet the right local partners to connect you to the labour market, including universities and other community resources.  

We specialise in our business—building and managing facilities—so that you can focus on your core business.  

Explore CTP’s property finder to see the ready-to-move-in space we have available or to connect with a local business developer to discuss the right solution for your business.  

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