CTP Insights: Green Bonds 2023

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Our dedication to sustainability is woven into every facet of our operations. As we present our 2023 Green Bond Report, we are proud to showcase a year marked by significant strides in environmental stewardship and green innovation.

The past year saw an accelerated deployment of solar-ready roofs across our new developments. Our commitment to renewable energy is evident in the substantial increase in our solar capacity, which now stands at an impressive 97 MWp. By integrating smart metering systems, we have taken a proactive stance on energy efficiency, reinforcing our leadership in sustainable industrial space development.


Sustainable operations: water and energy efficiency at the forefront

2023 was a year of integrating water-wise systems and energy-smart solutions. Our adoption of grey and rainwater systems alongside the widespread installation of LED lighting reflects our ongoing efforts to minimize our ecological footprint. These initiatives represent our unwavering commitment to conservation and efficiency.

Green buildings: setting the standard for sustainability

The effective allocation of our Green Bond proceeds has significantly expanded our portfolio of green-certified buildings. With €3.4 billion worth of properties currently undergoing (re)certification, our commitment to sustainable development is exceeding industry standards.

Spotlight on success: case studies of green innovation

Our report highlights several flagship projects that exemplify our green approach:

  • CTPark Bucharest West: This property stands as a model of self-sufficiency, achieving net-zero energy status through comprehensive photovoltaic integration.
  • CTPark Warsaw South: With a focus on resource conservation, this development has successfully reduced energy and water consumption significantly, surpassing national benchmarks.
  • CTPark Budapest West: Embracing a gas-free philosophy, this park demonstrates the potential of clean energy systems, such as heat pumps, to deliver efficient and sustainable heating solutions.

The year 2023 was a testament to our resolve to advance sustainability. Our Green Bond Report is not just a retrospective but a chapter in our ongoing journey of ecological responsibility. We continue to invest in a future where business growth and environmental respect go hand in hand. We invite you to delve deeper into our journey towards sustainability by downloading the full Green Bond Report.

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