CTP at Expo Real 2023: A glimpse into the future of real estate

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When you think of October in Munich, Oktoberfest might spring to mind. But this year, the CTP crew added another layer of excitement to the city, showcasing the future at Expo Real 2023. If you’re wondering what went down, here’s the full story.

What’s Expo Real?

For those unfamiliar, Expo Real is one of the largest trade fairs for real estate and investment in Europe. It gathers industry professionals from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in the real estate world.

Walking into the Messe München, the vibrancy of our CTP stand was hard to miss. Merging the allure of Central and Eastern Europe with Germany’s progressive real estate vision, this booth was where CTP’s finest from the CTPark Network countries came together, exchanged insights, and celebrated milestones.

Highlight moments & key takeaways

The event started strong, with a panel on the importance of sustainability in refurbishments. The conversation centred on sustainable transformations—a key concern for the evolving real estate market. Timo Hielscher, one of our Managing Directors in Germany, shed light on CTP’s impact, highlighting, “Since 2022, CTP has made significant strides in the German market. Our ‘Parkmaker approach’ resonates, especially with German municipalities.”

Bert Hesselink, CTP’s Group Client Relationship Director, was in agreement. “The insights shared during the discussions were invaluable. For me, the main learning was that users of warehouse space increasingly prefer to lease.”

Vision, determination and passion

The CTP stand was constantly buzzing, and not just from the booth’s design. Soccer legend Bastian Schweinsteiger offered his perspective on football and real estate, highlighting that achieving success in both requires vision, determination, and passion.

Bogi Gabrovic, our Deputy Country Head in Poland, noted, “Having a guest speaker like Bastian was an incredible draw. He attracted a significant crowd to our stand.” She further added, “The atmosphere was elevated with the live saxophone music, creating a perfect backdrop for our interactions.”

The CEE Networking Lunch was a memorable affair, offering attendees an opportunity to connect and share insights. After the lunch, the spotlight shifted to an engaging panel discussion on sustainable urban and corporate growth. The session delved into the innovative strategies that cities and corporations are adopting for sustainable development.

Thank you Munich, until next year!

Reflecting on the ambiance, Timo Hielscher observed, “Our booth was a central attraction. From its design to the discussions it hosted, it was a hotspot for attendees.”

Expo Real 2023 was a statement of our commitment, innovation, and leadership in the world of real estate. As we look back on the bustling events in Munich, we’re recharged and ready to lead the industry towards a sustainable and vibrant future.