CTFest 2023: Around Europe in a Day!

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CTFest 2023: Around Europe in a Day!

An Unforgettable Adventure!

CTFest 2023 outdid itself this year with a whirlwind adventure that took everyone around Europe in one day! With almost 500 participants from 10 different countries, this Edition of CTFest was an absolute triumph. The lush green grounds of Čejkovice transformed into a global village, with each country where CTP operates representing itself through a food market stand serving national specialties. From sizzling Hungarian goulash to delicious Czech pastries, the world was at our fingertips, and our taste buds were the passport.



CTFest is fundamentally centered around celebrating the milestones of our cherished CTP family members. This extraordinary event is dedicated to honoring the unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions of our colleagues who are celebrating anniversaries with CTP. This year, Radka Musilová received a resounding ovation for a phenomenal 20 years with CTP. Equally celebrated were Petra Kučerová, Anna Malátová, and Lucie Kottová, who have each dedicated 15 incredible years, and Eva Bilá, Pavlína Ibrahimová, Thomas Kostelac, and Ondřej Tomšů, who have each enriched CTP with 10 years of dedicated service. The heart of CTFest is to recognize and honor these commitments and the impact they have had on CTP.

The day was packed with activities. One of the highlights was the Castle Run, a running competition around the beautiful Čejkovice and Šternberk castles. Congratulations to Marek Zieris from the Czech Republic and Maria Miškovová from Slovakia for taking the title as the winners of this challenging race.

The much-anticipated Tug of War competition saw a fierce match between teams from all the countries where CTP operates. The energy was palpable as the teams gave their all, with Slovakia taking the trophy home again! Their victory was celebrated with cheers and applause.

As the day eased into the evening, the stage lit up with enthralling performances. The bands We are Domi, Vypsaná fixa, and Lake Malawi set the stage on fire with their electric sets. The crowd swayed to the rhythm, as the music reverberated through the air.

Under the night sky, adorned with stars, the dancing began. The beats were infectious, and the energy never waned. People danced the night away, sharing stories, laughter, and creating memories that will be cherished forever.

As we bid adieu to CTFest 2023, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude and camaraderie. We’ve traveled the world together, celebrated victories, and built bonds that transcend borders.

Until next time, Parkmakers!