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7 tips to reduce your business’s energy consumption to save money and help ESG results    Reducing costs and reducing

Reasons why businesses are opting to lease in today’s landscape    As businesses expand, they are bound to come to

Three reasons why brownfield developments are the future of industrial real estate The topic of brownfield developments is becoming increasingly

How can green leases help future-proof your business? We share expert insights and three practical answers.     As Adam

Central and Eastern Europe (“CEE”) is well positioned to become the “Made in Europe” hub for the 21st century. The

Discover the future of property investment at our booth at MIPIM, where we eagerly anticipate connecting with municipalities, local authorities,

Our dedication to sustainability is woven into every facet of our operations. As we present our 2023 Green Bond Report,

On Thursday, 7 December 2023, CTP hosted a webinar in which industry experts Bert Hesselink, Marko Ivocić, Przemysław Piętak and

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for industrial and logistics investment. CTP Group, the region’s

Investing in a stable economy with numerous business opportunities is a wise decision, and Poland ticks all the right boxes.

Introduction: Rising regulatory requirements limit the growth potential for new industrial & logistics (I&L) stock in Europe. Proprietary data from

On Thursday May 19th, CTP hosted 100+ C-suite executives and supply chain leaders of European and American blue chip companies

On January 19th CTP hosted a webinar that welcomed 100+ C-suite executives and supply chain leaders from European and American

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CEE's growth as an investment hub:

Driven by skilled human capital, connected markets, and strong real estate fundamentals.


CEE: Yes! But Why?

In this recent webinar we unpacked the key factors driving the region’s success and why CEE is expected to continue outperforming Western Europe in the coming years.

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