19. 08. 2019

CTP Plans the Completion of the Largest Industrial Park in the Czech Republic

CTP announced that it will complete CTPark Bor in the next five years, creating the largest industrial park in the Czech Republic with an area of ​​600,000 m2.

CTPark Bor is the flagship of the company’s portfolio. Over the past 14 years CTP has used the park as a prototype for a range of innovative ideas for building and landscape equipment and services.

“CTPark Bor is a huge success,” says Remon Vos, CEO. “We have always regarded it as a model of the ´business park of the future´ and we are glad that our clients share this vision with us. I can proudly say that CTPark Bor is now home to world-class companies such as Primark, TechData, DHL, Bridgestone, Adient and Lufthansa.”

CTP’s investment business park in Bor, which has a total of 14 companies, has so far reached EUR 400 million. When completed, the value of the park will be approximately EUR 450 million.


1000 trees

Remon Vos said from the outset that CTPark Bor would visually differ from the traditional, austere shapes, usually associated with logistics centers. “Of course it must be functional, but we see no reason why industrial parks should not blend in with the landscape.”  To date, CTP has planted 1,000 trees and plans to plant another 750 during phase 2 of the project. “Behind planting trees is our idea of ​​the forest with the business park hidden somewhere inside it,” explains the company’s CEO.


A place to work

Another innovation of CTPark Bor is the provision of services to 3600 people who currently work there. They can use restaurants, medical center, training and meeting rooms as well as a new accommodation zone with sports and recreational facilities. “According to established ideas, a business park should be nothing but a place to work,” says Remon Vos. “But when we designed the concept of CTPark Bor, we looked ahead. Why couldn’t a business park provide all the facilities and services that the work community needs? Why could it not look and function, if possible, as a municipality? And it seems to work: people appreciate it, as do their employers.” 


A new standard in logistics centers

CTP commends the local authorities. “Without their support and cooperation with them, we would not be able to invest in these new approaches,” says Vos. “We believe that we have set a new standard for business parks that has been accepted by other developers. That makes us very happy. Logistics is a leading sector of the Czech economy and it is very pleasant for us to see the ideas we presented in the CTPark Bor project, which enrich the landscape and working conditions of people in the Czech Republic. “


Strong involvement of local actors

CTP is particularly proud that almost all the construction work in Bor was and will be carried out by local companies. Not only that: CTPark Bor tenants are very active supporters of the local community. Jakub Kodr, Senior Business Development Manager, points out that the community spirit is one of CTP’s core values: “We are very lucky in Bor – it is an ideal location, halfway between Prague and Munich, with a direct connection to the D5 motorway. What we greatly appreciate is the excellent cooperation with local authorities and our tenants. They were enthusiastic about the idea that a business park should be more than just a place for business. There is a real and growing community that makes CTPark Bor a pleasant and productive place to spend working time. ”

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