12. 11. 2018

DOMEQ fully occupied with talent from all over the world

CTP plans DOMEQ 2 and further development of its Ponávka Park complex

CTP’s unique concept for modern living in Brno, combining the best elements of hotel and residential living for students and young professionals, is fully occupied a year from its opening. Residents include both students from different countries and trainees in nearby technology companies. CTP now plans DOMEQ 2, to be located in the immediate vicinity of the first one, adding to the success of its Ponavka Park complex.

DOMEQ is one of a kind in the Czech Republic and a concept inspired by the needs of a young generation with communal living, comfort and modernity in its design. “We are excited that all DOMEQ’s 159 rooms have been fully occupied so quickly with long-term tenants. We have representatives from new and potential employees of surrounding companies such as Siemens, Lufthansa and others, as well as students from abroad who are studying at local universities.”, comments Jiří Kostečka, Business Developer in CTP.

 Opened in November last year, DOMEQ 1 is part of Business park Ponávka in the centre of Brno and prides itself on its excellent location and plentiful facilities. The surrounding area includes the most prominent universities in Brno (MUNI, VUT etc.) and large multinational companies that have fully used capacities of the accommodation.

 “We want to create additional spaces that will inspire users and we believe that DOMEQ 2 will become a center of creativity. We are currently planning the design, room sizes, meeting rooms and the composition of services. Our inspiration comes from the first project, yet we would like these spaces to be more exclusive,“ adds Kostečka.   


Ponavka: New office spaces, restaurants and extension of relaxation zones

In addition to DOMEQ 2, the commercial area of Ponavka will expand the supply of modern office space. This unique complex, combining different types of properties from showrooms to warehouses across from preserved, historical industrial buildings from the 19th century, will soon finish building a new six-floor office building. Offering 8 000 m2 of modern space loosely linked to two already established buildings. Final completion of the building is scheduled for January 2019.

Ponávka is one of the fastest growing parks in our portfolio and a unique concept offering spaces for diverse business areas. The new building, A3, will provide modern office space and an area with various amenities such as restaurants, cafes and an ATM. We also want to extend the relaxation and are considering various options, such as outdoor sports, a multifunctional playground or a small athletic track. Our goal is to make Ponávka more attractive both on its own and also for the surroundings,” add Kostečka.

See the photogallery from the Domeq’s 1st birthday below.

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