New park established in Brno-Líšeň with support of CTP, which donated and helped plant trees

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Brno, November 18, 2021 – CTP, one of the largest industrial developers in Europe, has helped build a new public park in the Brno-Líšeň district, which will include 81 new trees, of which 21 have already been donated and planted. For CTP, this is already one of several projects contributing to the improvement of the environment. Greenery helps to improve the environment. In Brno near Ponávka and in the vicinity of Zlín, CTP plans to plant approximately 58,000 trees this year.

The new public park is being established in the Brno-Líšeň district and is situated between Josefy Faimonové and Trnkova streets. The park is adjacent to a children’s playground and outdoor sports area, thus improving the recreation area. A total of 81 trees and shrubs will be planted by the CTP, of which 21 trees, specifically twelve-year-old hornbeams, have already been donated and planted.


Pavel Blažek, CTP's Business Developer, says :

“We want to be a good neighbor. The park is located near the entrance to our CTPark Brno Líšeň and it is important for us that its surroundings are green and pleasant. We are glad that we can contribute to improving part of the city which can already boast a lot of greenery and where people live well. The environment, which we are still working on, is an integral part of this.”

CTPark Brno Líšeň grows on the site of the revitalized Zetor factory brownfield near the city centre.

The trees were planted in early November. Regional Project Manager Michal Dospěl and Business Developer Pavel Blažek took part in the event on behalf of CTP.


The official excavation was carried out by the Mayor of the Brno-Líšeň district, Břetislav Štefan:

“We are preparing more planting projects; and now experts are selecting suitable location and trees. We are open for cooperation with everyone who wants to improve where they work. An example of such cooperation is with CTP, which is transforming the neglected Zetor area.”

The new park is intended for the public, but it is not just a space where one can spend free time. Thanks to the greenery, it will help improve air quality, cool the space on hot summer days, humidify the air, and reduce dust. Grown trees also form a natural noise barrier. For CTP, the new park represents the first joint project with the Brno-Líšeň district. “We would like to participate in other projects in the future,” Blažek concluded.

CTP has long been dedicated to improving the environment. In Ponávka, CTP is cooperating with the city of Brno to create a new park and revitalize a neglected area of the Ponávka stream, and also participates in the construction of cycle paths, again in cooperation with the city. In 2021, CTP also purchased a CTForest in Zlín and  plans to plant 57,500 trees on an area of ​​470 hectares autumn. On November 13th, the general public, local hunters, scouts, and CTP employees with their families also took part in this tree planting where the team planted over 3,000 new saplings.

In 2019, the company adopted a strategy according to which it will own one square meter of forest for each square meter of portfolio built. CTP currently holds the position as the most sustainable developer in the region of Central and Eastern Europe thanks to the BREEAM certification of its entire portfolio and expects to be certified operationally carbon neutrality for 2021, when certification is finished after the end of the year.





About CTP

With 7.1 million square meters of space in a total of nine countries, CTP is the largest industrial developer in Central and Eastern Europe. At the beginning of 2021, the company also took on the position of the most sustainable developer in the region thanks to the certification of its entire portfolio according to the prestigious BREEAM certification and the achievement of carbon neutrality. In March this year, CTP entered the world’s oldest stock exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, with its IPO.