The tradition continues! 5,000 new trees planted Zlín

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CTP is the proud custodian of 570 hectares of forest near the Czech towns of Mladá Boleslav and Zlín. Both these regions share a deep industrial history which we’re proud to continue and be part of today, however, another thing these regions have in common is that the forests in these regions over the last century have been made monocultural through human intervention for logging purposes. In recent years these forests, like many other forests in the world, have fallen victim to pine beetles which makes them very vulnerable and under threat, especially with long hot summers and forest fires. Furthermore, monocultural forests can’t support diverse, healthy ecosystems.

“The way to combat this? Biodiversity, baby!”

We work closely with local foresters and ecologists to restore the original flora that grew here once upon a time. But, this is a matter of planting a lot of trees and several species of them – we’re talking oak, hornbeam, larch, birch, and many more. It’s a big task that calls on a lot of green thumbs!
So, as part of biannual tradition, we invite our employees, their families, and local communities to get together for a good, wholesome day of tree planting, tasty refreshments, and fun games and activities for kids.


This fall, we planted a new record 5,000 new trees – talk about #Fullspeed tree planting! Participants all received cutting boards made from trees from the forest where they were that very day.

Jana Hrabětová, CTP Czech Landscape Architect

“It is always nice to spend time outdoors. Even better when it is for a good cause. Nature has always been a part of our culture therefore it is important to take good care of it. I’m happy we have such a great community that is involved in our forest life.”

A massive thank you to everyone who participated.

We’re so happy to continue this tradition with you all and see these forests regain their health for a more resilient future!