Equal opportunities, empowered futures: CTP’s vision in action with DAFI

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At CTP, we stand firm in our belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities. It’s a commitment that goes beyond words—to actions that make a tangible difference. This conviction is why we contribute to the DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) programme from UNHCR, which provides scholarships to help refugee students access higher education. In 2022, the DAFI program celebrated 30 years of impact, and we are proud to have played a part in a year that saw unprecedented progress.

Last year marked a pivotal moment for refugee education, with enrolment rates doubling from 3% to an inspiring 7% since 2020. With CTP’s support, the DAFI programme enabled 9,043 young refugee men and women from 50 countries to enroll in universities across 56 host countries. The representation of women in the program rose to 43%, a stride closer to achieving gender parity in education.

Transforming lives, one degree at a time

These numbers reflect countless personal journeys of determination and courage. On the campus of the University of Nairobi, Monicah Malith stands as a beacon of leadership and a symbol of the change that education can inspire. Elected as the first female refugee student president, Monicah is not only navigating her own academic path in law but also championing the rights of others. “I am passionate about law,” she says. “I would defend a lot of people by informing them of their rights.”,

In the same spirit, Jean-Marie from Rwanda, a student of Journalism and Media Studies, uses his education as a springboard for advocacy. He believes that education is a powerful tool for community problem-solving. “The DAFI scholarship has given me an opportunity to dream through university education,” he asserts. “I hope that I will use my voice, skills, and experiences as a tool to influence change.”

Meanwhile, Liudmyla’s story of tenacity unfolds in Slovakia, where she studies Business Management. Driven by the turmoil in her homeland, Ukraine, her academic pursuit is both a personal promise and a national service. “Leaving Ukraine, I made a promise that I would do everything to acquire certain knowledge and skills that would help me and my country in the post-war period,” she pledges.

A bright future ahead

These scholars, each with their unique narrative, epitomize the essence of CTP’s commitment to fostering potential. Our involvement with the DAFI programme is a conscious stride towards igniting the promise inherent in every student. As we reflect on the transformative successes of 2022, we find inspiration in the resilience and aspirations of Monicah, Jean-Marie, and Liudmyla. They are the harbingers of a brighter, more inclusive future that CTP is proud to be part of.