Domeq Impressions

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Modern Living in Brno Through the Eyes of the Young Professional

After starting my studies in Florida, impulsively deciding to move to and study in New York City, and subsequently traveling for 15 months…I’d never felt happier, but I was a bit tired. I wanted to settle down, but it was hard to imagine no longer meeting new people with unique backgrounds. I didn’t want to surround myself with one culture, every opinion around me built on the same foundation.

Then I found Domeq, in Brno. Domeq is the closest I’ve ever seen accommodation get to a guesthouse meant for travelers to meet, to laugh, to share stories and ideas. The entire ground floor was built with exactly that sense of community in mind. Whether you choose to read on a corner sofa or join a cook-off, the open space seems to invite conversation. You’re all there, living, reading, writing, studying, working. You understand each other. Just like travelers do.

Why do we travel? To explore the world, yes, but the world would be a dull place without the people we meet, the connections we make. Nature, history, and architecture can fascinate, but it’s sharing our experiences and feelings about these wonders with like-minded travelers that create memories.

The evening conversations at Domeq, a place where foreigners and locals mix to create their own community, are like an escape from the routine of daily life. It’s a little like hopping on a plane and visiting friends from all over the world.

Tasting local food at a guesthouse in southeast Asia, playing board games next to tents in Tanzania: that’s what I remember most from my months of travel. That’s what made me feel at home. Because that’s where I sat with people on journeys resembling my own, chatting about what had brought us there. Just recently, Domeq threw a “Bring Your Own Food” party, where about 100 people brought traditional food from their countries. The atmosphere was filled with curiosity and openness. Where else does that really happen?

Domeq: The Guesthouse

The entire, huge ground floor is designed to be used in any way you’d like by being both a wide-open space, and having areas separated with curtain to provide privacy. You can relax, do some reading and writing, or have a movie night. Play the piano, use the library, cook and bake for hours. There’s enough space to plan big events or classes, which are often provided by the establishment itself (yoga, for instance, is a recurring program). If you’re a DJ, throw a party! If you speak French, plan some language lessons. If you’re a painter…you get it. Join the party or plan the party: whatever you want.

Domeq: The Hotel

You’ve got 24/7 reception, tons of additional services (if you don’t feel like cleaning up, someone’s there to do it for ya), design furniture worthy of a modern hotel, cameras to keep you safe, and parking spaces. Lay out on the terrace, located high up and offering a great view.

Domeq: The Dorm

Maybe you prefer having a roommate. Some people don’t prefer the silence of solitude, and that’s okay. There’s a multitude of shared rooms, so you can not only live with your best friend, but also save money. While technically still in the “student housing” category, this is a whole other level. The idea for this sort of accommodation comes from western Europe, where it’s very popular and has become more and more common.

Domeq: The Office

Because of the many nooks and crannies of the ground floor setup, you can bring your laptop downstairs and work in privacy. Thanks to the projector, you can present your plans and goals to your colleagues or potential business partners. Or just bring that one friend that wants to open a coffee shop with you, sit him down, and finally get to work.

Author: Linda Kresťanová