CTSport Day 2024

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CTSport Day 2024


Our Czech CTP team met again at CTSport Day, this time at the VISTA Wellness Hotel, and on June 27 and 28 we enjoyed two days full of sports and relaxation. The weather was perfect, which allowed us to fully enjoy all the prepared sports and recreational activities.

This year the focused was on outdoor activities and team competitions in the enchanting Orlické Mountains. From hiking and bobsledding to cycling, there was something for everyone. A buffet lunch and an evening grill party with the band NOVIOS and other performances created a great atmosphere.



The light green team triumphed in the team competitions, showcasing exceptional skills and teamwork in all disciplines. The competitions included creatively themed lumberjack, auto/moto, and bowling specials, where everyone had a chance to show their talent.

We spent the late afternoon on the famous Stezka v Oblacích and Sky Bridge, capturing beautiful views and team photos. Special recognition goes to the eight brave souls who ventured out at 3:00 in the motning to catch the sunrise – we salute you!

A big thank you to all participants for their great spirit and teamwork, that made CTSport Day a success. Special thanks to Kateřina Sedláčková for the perfect organisation. We look forward to next year’s event, which we we are sure will be just as memorable!