CTSport Day 2023

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On September 1st this year, the CTP Czech team gathered for CTSport Day 2023 to compete for two championship titles and two legendary cups. Parkmakers from all over the Czech Republic gathered and there was no shortage of fun, relaxation, entertainment and, in addition to sportsmanship, team spirit!

This year, we conceived the whole CTSport Day in a completely different way. We were hosted by the Císařská louka – CINDA area in Prague, and since the Vltava River was all around us, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to direct one part of the sport activities directly to the water.

Dragon Boats Race! Battle cries and great times were shared by all teams, but only one team was the DRAGON BOATS championship. Congratulations to the purple team who completed the 200 metre race in 0:56:38 seconds. Second place went to the magenta team and third place went to the blue team. 

And because we are very playful, competitive and #FullSpeed in our DNA – we prepared the second part of the sports activities in the style of WIPEOUTTeams overcame world-famous crushing obstacles like the Sweeper, Giant Ball, Bungee Run, Strongman Ladder, Boxing Wall, Extreme Run and more. In the end the purple team came out victorious again, followed by the yellow team, and the black team came in third.

 The day was full of other amazing other sporting and team building activities, such as at the ropes course, beach volleyball and even table tennis, which we all enjoyed thoroughly!. The day’s atmosphere culminated to the evening programme: a concert by WYFE, an after party set by DJ Marty and an unforgettable fire and laser show by the Posterpoi group. Big thanks to the team from Císařské louka, especially Mrs. Petra Brusová, for preparing a great enviroment for us.

And proof that the event is popular and absolutely unique? The number of participants from all over the Czech Republic shows it, because this year you broke the record!

Looking forward to yet another fantastic CTP Sport Day with you next year!