CTP Slovakia Takes to the Trees

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Healthy Fun, Family Sports, and good ole' Competitive Spirit!

CTP SK decided to go big in September 2021. After nearly 2 years of having no events, we took our whole team of 30 people for a weekend of team building. We decided to share this time with our loved ones and brought along our partners, wives, husbands, and kids to have a fabulously successful family weekend in the heart of nature and the Slovak mountains – Valčianska Dolina. Even the weather this time of the year cooperated with us, and we had a little bit of everything – fog, wind, cold, sunshine, and no rain – which allowed us to enjoy the entire planned program.

We started the weekend with ‘Corporate drumming’ to tune the whole group to the same wavelength, and we did great. The main point of the program was the TEAMS-DAY competition with various disciplines – geocaching, sports activities, Go-kart construction, and racing – and it ended with a quiz in the evening. The sports activities revealed and awakened both team and competitive spirits in all our Parkmakers and their relatives. The presentation of the Go-karts confirmed that business is in the nature of our Parkmakers, and the CTP quiz questions didn’t surprise anyone. We turned out to be real Parkmakers. Despite doubts about the manipulated victory of the 3rd place team with Stanislav Pagáč, CTP SVK boss, and the 1st place team with Zdena Böhmová, organizer of CTSport, a well-deserved and fair victory was confirmed. However, the teams and the participants were all proud finishers, and the TEAMS-DAY ended with a dance party, where the excellent performances continued.

“Among all the established rules of this event, there was one rule – “A good mood is a must!” – that was fulfilled 120%”

The competition day was followed by a relaxing day with a bit of trekking and e-biking, and the kids had a chance to have some fun at the local Kids-Park with animators. They also did a treasure hunt and helped save the princess’ crown, which our boss Stanislav Pagáč seemed to enjoy the most. Among all the established rules of this event, there was one rule – “A good mood is a must!” – that was fulfilled 120%. Throughout the whole weekend, nobody got hurt; nobody got lost; no kids or partners were exchanged; and everyone returned home refreshed with great memories and with a stronger team spirit.