CTFest 2022: Follow the sun and moon, to the FUN! Queen&King Edition

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CTFest 2022: Follow the sun and moon, to the FUN! Queen&King Edition

A roaring success!

ctFest 2022 was nothing short of being fit for Queens&Kings. Light spring showers helped battle the hot temperatures, keeping everyone cool as they mingled around the festival, playing games, and chatting with friends old and new. With nearly 400 attendees, it was the biggest—and quite possibly the best—ctFest yet. We had representatives from all 10 of our markets, including a new team from Germany and growing contingents from Poland, Austria, and Bulgaria. After another very successful year for CTP, it was a very joyous occasion to have old friends and new faces all gathered and celebrating in one place.

This year’s ctFest was titled the ‘Queen&King’ edition, for a particular Queen & King who traveled great distances, having following the sun and the moon for 20 years with CTP—Radka Veletová and Petr Svoboda. Both are legends within the company and were justly crowned the Queen&King celebrants of the occasion. Furthermore, Renáta Jískrová was hailed for her 15 years of service, along with Hana Šimonová and Štěpán Morkes for each of their 10 years of service. These especially esteemed guests were each gifted hand-painted portraits by the local Czech artist, Eliška Zradičková.

Guests enjoyed merrymaking with new and old forms of entertainment. Bumper Cars and a mechanical bull, both classic favourites, challenged those who dared. The Market brought highly prized and exotic culinary delights from across central Europe each showcased at their respective country’s stand: Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Hungary filled bellies with their delightful ‘hairy pig’ sausage and Vali of Romania, was crowned the King of Market, with several suspecting he was a carnival baker in his past medieval life! We wonder with excitement what our New Market teams shall bring next year…

Alas, a summer rainstorm washed over the festivities. All moved to the safety and delight of the underground wine cellar to get warm with a glass of wine and the groovin’ tunes of a lively DJ. But then the storm cleared and all returned as the sun descended leaving long umber shadows for the big outdoor feast —and of course Remon’s speech. Inspiring and motivating as ever, he commemorated our 20-, 15-, and 10-year celebrants and introduced them to the many young and new colleagues.

And of course, the highlight of the event was the 8-team Tug-o-War. Countries’ teams, each composed of their four strongest men and four strongest women, were pitted against one another in a series of duals for pride and honour. With our Compliance Officer standing nearby (wink wink), there were significantly fewer rules broken than past years—but many tried! In a surprise result, Slovakia—who had a much smaller team to choose players from— overpowered Serbia with ease in the opening round, to then crush the Dutch/Deutch matchup, and finally pulled the Poles over the line in the late-night finale! To all’s dismay, neither of the previous years’ finalists—the Czechs and the Romanians—made it into the decider, shocking all.

So, congratulations Slovakia! But can you hold onto the tug-of-war cup next year? We’re excited to find out…

Tug-o-War results
Tug-o-War results

Then of course the dancing started, shaking the barn rafters till 2 in the morning, with people drifting out to the games still going on and for the deeply needed late night sustenance at the outdoor grill.

We’re glad everyone made it home ok with their Cejkovice honey and CTFest 22 t-shirts. First year where we didn’t have any leftovers to pack back to prague…. too many of you took two!!!!  ENJOY!

Well, we wrote last year: “Will be hard to top this one!”—but we did. And that, Thanks to all the great teams—of individuals—who really make CTP the unique, innovative and winning place it is!

Best Fest ever!

Follow the moon
And Stars to fun
Where we’ll party
as one

To the fest
Will be the best
In parkmaker style
We celebrate
10 & 20 years
Working late!
The Party starts
At the open gate

This year’s Fest
Will be more fun
‘Cos its the
& King Edition

 Follow the moon
And Stars to fun
Where we’ll party
Together as one 

ctFest ‘22