CTFest 2021 : Finally Together Again!

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CTFest 2021: a summer festival of fun, friends, food and fierce competition!


A roaring success!


For the first time in almost 2 years, the whole CTP team was able to get together at Čejkovice for the annual Summer CTFest. This year, CTFest was host to nearly 300 of our teams coming from all the countries where we operate, including newly the Netherlands and Austria!

Starting out early at 13:30, there was a full-day program where people could walk the grounds, try out games, stop and pickup a t-shirt and local honey, taste some special wines and smash into each other on the bumper cars. The festival theme was a fresh update—a “Summer Fayre”, allowing people to mingle, meet new friends from all over Europe and just enjoy a lovely afternoon. With stilt walkers, magicians, live music by Yvonne Sanchez and pianist Stephen Ridley, there was always something fun happening.


The fest was started a few years ago as the ideal way to introduce our many teams, but also, importantly, to celebrate people who have been with CTP for 10 years. This year, we celebrated 4 anniversaries, as we missed last year’s party due to COVID and its travel restrictions. We raised a glass for David Chládek, Zdeněk Raus, Katka Šedivá and Libor Hák who each received a a 10-year gift and hand-painted portrait by Czech artist Adéla Karger.

A highlight at this year’s fest was the introduction of what will be come our annual Tug-o-War competition. We pitted country against country, who chose from their teams 4 men and 4 women in a sudden death competition. Sorry for our NL teammates who get the dubious honor for being the fastest to be pulled over the line in 5 seconds. But kudos to Team Czechia, who put on a solid performance in the evening final, ultimately winning out over their Romanian counterparts–who basically threw in the towel! Gotta play to win!

Tug-o-War results
Tug-o-War results

Dancing started around 10 pm and continued till 2 in the morning, and thankfully the outside late night bar & grill served goodies to ensure all were full of energy till the last moment.


Great to see. you all again, and looking forward to our next get together at Christmas!


Will be hard to top this one!


Best Fest ever!