Brno: Mixture of Enchanting Energy and Modern Allure

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Charming history. Higher and higher on the list of ‘Best Student Cities.’ World-renowned Masaryk University. One of the leading strategic zones in the Czech Republic. And, it’s got the best bar in the country.

Connecting the World to Opportunity

Brno’s easy accessibility and cosmopolitan nature stem from its unique location: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava are at a maximum of 200 km away, and Brno itself is the metropolis of the bustling Moravia. International companies appreciate and utilize all that Brno has become, as do students and young professionals from all over the world.

In 2017, there were 29,171 foreigners – from over 150 countries – living in the city district Brno, and that number is continuously growing. Masaryk University (one of the most renowned universities in CEE), Brno University of Technology and Mendel University are among the thirteen universities that impress in the qualityof preparation for the professional world, specifically when it comes to the sphere of technology and research.

At times touted as the Czech Silicon Valley, Brno includes companies like Honeywell, Avast, IBM, Microsoft, Google and Skype. These big players search for the brightest minds of today, and the most hard-working locals and expats are approached with one-of-a-kind offers. Expats who are not from the EU and therefore require a work permit, the formalities for which are usually handled by the employer, will find this process relatively stress-free in Brno, a city where work permits are highly common.

For expats, the discovery of Brno’s wonders often comes after they accept a job offer. Settling in somewhere that not only suits their needs but also encourages finding like-minded people is therefore essential. The new housing concept DOMEQ is made for just that. It encourages networking and creativity, which allows for collaboration in your own home.

Finding comfortable accommodation and a satisfying occupation is step one; step two is exploring and allowing Brno to show all it has to offer. And the city’s got a lot of cool tricks up its sleeve.

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

When the New York Times recommends your bars and the Guardian praises your energy, you know you’re doing something right. That’s exactly what happened to Brno, and Brno feels rightfully proud.

“They are like somewhere in southern Europe, friendly and warm,” the author of the NYTimes article, Evan Rail, stated about the bar scene in Brno after a visit in 2017. Rail added that one specific bar stood out, saying, “In the war between Prague and Brno, the Bar Which Doesn’t Exist felt like Brno’s greatest weapon.”

In the Guardian, the article’s author, Kevin Rushby, said, “Brno has long been known for good beer but now the surrounding Moravian countryside is making some excellent wines, too.”

Recommended by both articles – and tons of enthusiastic CAPS LOCK comments on the internet – is the strangely fascinating, almost other-worldly Super Panda Circus, which was voted best in the Czech Republic.

Hey, who are we to argue. Cheers.

Places to See, Places to Be

Let’s talk 2018. There’s certainly no shortage of international fairs, with topics stemming anywhere from electrical engineering (AMPER, 20. – 23.3.) to construction (Stavební veletrhy Brno, 25. – 28.4.) and research (Veletrh Věda Výzkum Inovace, 15. – 17.5.). With its easily-accessible location and an abundance of great hotels, like Courtyard by Marriott Brno, getting to and staying in Brno has become simpler than ever.

Fancy some music? JazzFestBrno is ongoing from February 1st to May 10th. The legendary Bob Dylan will be performing on April 15thSMOKIE’s Symphony Tour comes to Brno on December 1st. And that’s just a quick taste of what’s available.

How about some sports? Excitement for Monster Energy Grand Prix of Czech Republic, on August 3rd – 5th, has already begun. As one of the biggest sport events in the Czech Republic, the event’s got a fifty-years-long history and attracts tens of thousands of fans every year. And if you’ve ever wanted to catch a glimpse of world-famous motorcycle road racer Valentino Rossi, this is a good place to try.

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the birth of an independent Czechoslovakia, Brno will be hosting the festival Re:publika from May 26th to June 17th. The celebration will take place at Brno’s fairground, the same spot where, in 1928, cheerful people joined together to celebrate a decade of independence. This year, Brno will look back fondly on remarkable moments, personalities, victories and timeless art, and attendees will share memories passed on from their ancestors, ensuring those who fought for change are never forgotten.

A Big Small City

At this moment, Brno is, in many ways, still a bit of a hidden gem regarding tourism. But it is a bright and intriguing gem, offering what one expects from big cities – architecture, unique restaurants, shopping, a booming nightlife – while surprising with natural beauty and a sense of warmth.

Villa Tugendhat was designed in the early 20th century by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and has been inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. There’s more to the villa than strolling through; numerous events pop up at this wonderful site as well, so repeat visits are in no way tedious. Both Tugendhat and the masterpiece by Ernst Wiesner, Villa Stiassni, have been restored with great care and boast breathtaking gardens and an enthralling history.

Under Spillberg Castle is the 10-Z nuclear bunker that is gradually being transformed into a world-class museum. Apart from an eerie bunker tour, visitors can experience many aspects of what life was like during the Cold War, from trying out equipment to tasting food from the turbulent years.

Once you’ve checked every blog for the best of the best, and you’ve walked and seen it all, build your own adventure. Explore Brno’s caves, go castle-hunting, visit the water reserve, discover the forests or rent a bike and just keep going. There’s always more to see.