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Despite a challenging recent history, Romania now boasts the fastest-growing economy in the European Union and offers investors unique opportunities for serving markets in Western, Eastern, and Southern Europe. Romania’s highly educated population of some 20 million provide a multilingual labor force at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in the west, and household incomes are on the rise, contributing to the favourability of its sizeable domestic market.


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Hot Regions in Romania


Situated in the western region of Romania, Oradea stands as a prominent hub for economic, social, and cultural activities. Located just 10 kilometers away from Borș, a crucial border crossing point with Hungary, Oradea is the ninth most populous city in Romania. The city offers a high quality of life and is recognized as one of the most desirable places to live in the country.   Moreover, Oradea serves as a robust industrial center, hosting some of Romania's largest corporations. In addition to its economic significance, Oradea is celebrated for its splendid Art Nouveau architectural heritage and proudly belongs to the Réseau Art Nouveau Network and the Art Nouveau European Route. Previously named Nagyvárad (later renamed Oradea following the Treaty of Trianon), it was historically a part of the Hungarian Kingdom. Prior to the Treaty of Trianon in 1921, it belonged to the Central European Austro-Hungarian Empire, making it deeply immersed in the artistic trends of that region.


In Romania, Timişoara is considered a gate to the west. Due to its architecture, it is called Little Vienna. The city lies in the southwestern Romania, just 500 km away from Vienna, Zagreb and Skopije, 600 km away from Bucharest and Soa, 300 km away from Budapest and Sarajevo, and only 150 km away from Belgrade. Timișoara is one of the most important educational centers in Romania. The university centres in Timișoara ranked among the top are four in the country. With more than 37 faculties and 40,000 students, public and private universities provide training for real valuable specialists in all areas of socio-economic and political life.   Due to the big number of investments and to the existence of high quali­fied working personnel, the unemployment rate fell from 9,4% (1998) to 1,64%. In the region there is still great potential for labour force if we take into account the 15.000 unemployed people and about 12.000 university graduates each year.


Uniquely poised between east and west, present and past, Bucharest boasts an extraordinary location for international commerce and a long legacy of cultural exchange. And while the Romanian capital bears the scars of a tumultuous recent history, its high rises and shopping centres point to a new era of international growth, led by some of the largest corporations in the world today. Bucharest is responsible for more than one-fifth of Romania’s annual GDP, and rapidly rising household incomes and recent increases in minimum wage have bolstered citizens’ spending power.   The fastest-growing economy in the European Union and the leading recipient of FDI in Southeastern Europe, Romania offers a strategic opportunity for companies seeking to serve both Eastern and Western Europe. The ninth-largest state in the EU, it places a major domestic market of 20 million consumers directly at investors’ feet. Low costs of labor and an educated workforce only add to the nation’s appeal.   The CTPark network is poised to help investors with an interest in this dynamic region take advantage of all it has to offer, with four parks in the Bucharest area alone. CTPark Bucharest’s unique concept offers A-Class premium business units designed with small businesses in mind, just 11 kilometres from the city centre. CTPark Bucharest West accommodates any scale of business with on-site services, amenities, and excellent connectivity. CTPark Bucharest Chitila and Bucharest North also offer valuable opportunity for growing businesses directly on the Bucharest Ring Motorway.   Reasons to believe:

CTP ICon Oradea Cargo Terminal

Nicolae Grigorescu, Oradea, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
C Details20.916 m²36.288 m²built
A Details8.838 m²13.824 m²built
B Details1.712 m²10.400 m²built

CTP ICon Bucharest West

Ion Ratiu Street 5, Comuna Bolintin Deal, Judetul Giurgiu, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BUW 26 Details149.082 m²149.082 m²Planned
BUW 27 Details70.912 m²70.912 m²Planned
BUW 25 Details63.858 m²63.858 m²Planned
BUW 5 Details51.053 m²51.053 m²Planned
BUW 11 Details38.900 m²38.900 m²Planned
BUW 9 Details36.291 m²36.291 m²Planned
BUW 28 Details23.825 m²23.825 m²Planned
BUW 24 Details23.463 m²149.082 m²Planned
BUW 29 Details17.697 m²17.697 m²Planned
BUW 30 Details17.697 m²17.697 m²Planned
BUW 31 Details17.697 m²17.697 m²Planned
BUW 4 Details9.045 m²9.045 m²Planned
BUW6 Details8.447 m²8.447 m²Planned
BUW 8 Details8.419 m²52.732 m²built
BUW 10 Details2.947 m²67.645 m²built
BUW 14 Details2.267 m²70.287 m²built
BUW 1 Details2.016 m²12.153 m²built
BUW 7 Details861 m²54.427 m²built
BUW 17 Details572 m²129.000 m²built
BUW 15 Details503 m²23.784 m²built
BUW 2 Details426 m²10.224 m²built

CTP ICon Bucharest

Dragomirești-Vale, Bucharest, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BUCH 15 Details18.145 m²18.145 m²Planned
BUCH 37 Details8.496 m²13.488 m²built
BUCH 40 Details8.284 m²8.284 m²Planned
BUCH 14 Details6.705 m²22.269 m²built
BUCH 13 Details4.854 m²22.044 m²built
BUCH 25 Details4.719 m²19.368 m²built
BUCH 9 Details4.283 m²31.576 m²built
BUCH 29 Details2.737 m²2.737 m²built
BUCH 2 Details2.455 m²39.622 m²built
BUCH 32 Details2.360 m²8.045 m²built
BUCH 39 Details1.732 m²9.893 m²built
BUCH 28 Details916 m²3.898 m²built
BUCH 27 Details303 m²17.507 m²built
BUCH 23 Details247 m²8.625 m²built

CTP ICon Bucharest North

Stefanestii de Jos, Afumați, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BUN 3 Details35.776 m²39.400 m²built
BUN 2 Details15.707 m²28.722 m²built
BUN 1 Details5.591 m²116.500 m²built
BUN 5 Details5.206 m²13.750 m²built

CTP ICon Bucharest South

Oltenitei 249, Popesti-Leordeni, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BUS 4 Details59.438 m²59.438 m²Planned
BUS 3 Details8.346 m²29.937 m²built

CTP ICon Arad West

Aurel Vlaicu 297/1, Arad, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ARW2F Details21.196 m²43.634 m²built
ARW2B Details11.493 m²11.493 m²Planned
ARW2C Details11.493 m²11.493 m²Planned
ARW2D Details11.493 m²11.493 m²Planned
ARW2E Details11.493 m²11.493 m²Planned
ARW2A1 Details2.310 m²2.310 m²Planned
ARW2A2 Details2.310 m²2.310 m²Planned
ARW2A3 Details2.310 m²2.310 m²Planned
ARW2A4 Details2.310 m²2.310 m²Planned
ARW2A5 Details1.932 m²1.932 m²Planned
ARW2A6 Details1.932 m²1.932 m²Planned
ARW1 extension Details854 m²854 m²Planned
ARW1 Details111 m²6.535 m²built

CTP ICon Timișoara Ghiroda

Com. Remetea Mare, Timisoara, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
TIM5 Details48.200 m²48.200 m²Planned
TIM6 Details23.410 m²23.410 m²Planned
FLEX4 Details11.813 m²11.813 m²Planned
FLEX5 Details11.813 m²11.813 m²Planned
TIM8 Details10.365 m²10.365 m²Planned
FLEX6 Details8.116 m²8.116 m²Planned
TIM4 Details6.593 m²41.590 m²built
TIM9 Details4.576 m²4.576 m²Planned
TIM1 Details4.372 m²9.786 m²built
CTBOX7 Details3.416 m²3.416 m²Planned
CTBOX8 Details1.533 m²1.533 m²Planned
CTBOX9 Details1.533 m²1.533 m²Planned
TIM3 Details414 m²16.940 m²built

CTP ICon Targu Mures

Industrial Park Mures, Vidrasau-Unghieni Industrial Platform 1/G/6, Targu Mures, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
D Details3.053 m²3.053 m²Planned

CTP ICon Brasov

Griviței Avenue 1, Brașov, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
BV3 Details23.390 m²23.390 m²Planned
BV1 Details18.119 m²18.119 m²Planned
BV2 Details10.594 m²10.594 m²Planned

CTP ICon Brasov West

Ghimbavului 80D, Cristian,Brasov County, Romania, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
EXTENSION1 Details5.965 m²5.965 m²Planned
EXTENSION2 Details4.790 m²4.790 m²Planned

CTP ICon Bucharest Chitila

67 Rudeni Street, Chitila, lfov County, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
CHIT 3 Details24.677 m²24.677 m²Planned
CHIT 1 Details431 m²48.448 m²built

CTP ICon Craiova East

Henry Ford 7B, Craiova, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
CRE2 Details500 m²8.278 m²built

CTP ICon Deva

Strada Apuseni, Deva, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
DE1 Details5.409 m²19.700 m²built

CTP ICon Deva II

Băcia, Deva, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
DEV1 Details13.248 m²13.248 m²Planned

CTP ICon Oradea North

Calea Borsului Street 28B, Oradea, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
ORN2 Details1.481 m²6.337 m²built

CTP ICon Pitești

Căteasca, Pitești, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
PIT4 Details12.095 m²12.095 m²Planned
PIT5 Details9.216 m²9.216 m²Planned

CTP ICon Salonta

Calea Aradului, Salonta, Romania

CTP ICon Sibiu

Strada Salzburg, Sibiu, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
SU3 Details10.820 m²10.820 m²Planned
SU4 Details9.000 m²12.558 m²under construction
SU1 Details635 m²11.298 m²built

CTP ICon Sibiu East

Stefan cel Mare Street 197A, Sibiu, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
SUE2 Details885 m²23.562 m²built

CTP ICon Timisoara City

Calea Buziasului, Timisoara City, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
TIC Details26.869 m²26.869 m²Planned

CTP ICon Timisoara South

DN59, KM 8, Chisoda, Timis County, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
TIS3 Details20.630 m²20.630 m²Planned
TIS1 Details9.930 m²10.376 m²built

CTP ICon Turda

Turda Industrial Park, Cluj, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
TU8 Details30.620 m²30.620 m²Planned
TU3 Details21.066 m²21.066 m²under construction
TU5 Details1.339 m²15.461 m²Planned

CTP ICon Cluj

Luna de Sus, Florești, Romania

BuildingAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceStatus
CLU1 Details1.167 m²21.871 m²built

Currently Unavailable Space in Romania

CTP ICon Arad

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 87.784 ha


CTP ICon Arad North

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 26.300 ha


CTP ICon Mogosoaia

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 50.600 ha


CTP ICon Caransebes

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 18.400 ha


CTP ICon Ineu

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 30.000 ha


CTP ICon Timisoara West

Available now: 0 m2

Park size: 80.000 ha


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